The Matinee

Pulling up a chair at my usual table in the corner of the café next door to my office block, I scanned the lunch time crowd. Suit jackets, white shirts, the odd pea coat and a few jumpers layered with multi-hued scarves… My next breath was a tentative one. I couldn’t see my boss, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t here somewhere. If he showed up and asked to share my table again I’d scream. Continue reading “The Matinee”



With a long suffering sigh, I pick up the black bag of rubbish at my feet and head for the front door. It’s been one hell of a day, and my mind is filled with all of the things I’ve done and all those things I still have to do. I’m tired and harried, and I can’t wait until my husband gets home from work, just so he can take over the gargantuan task of being in charge. Continue reading “Thunder”

Glorious Hole


When the door closed behind me, the room I’d entered seemed almost dark. Settling in a chair in front of the glass partition, I wiped my damp palms on my jeans. I’d only been here once before and uncertainty was making me sweat. My friend had brought me with him that time, but only for support. I hadn’t been expected to take part in what had occurred, and that was fine by me because I wouldn’t have known where to start.

Sadly, a whole year later, I still didn’t have much of an idea.

Part of my problem was lack of practical experience, but if I was brutally honest with myself, the major factor in my ignorance was this place. My mind had been on it for twelve long months. Obsessing. Craving. Needing. Continue reading “Glorious Hole”

While I Was Sleeping


You waited until I was sleeping. You waited until I lost the battle with my eyelids, until my breathing deepened, and my eyes started to flicker and you knew I was so deep in I wouldn’t feel you.

You’d told me once that you’d always wanted to do this to me. That the idea of me lying there, oblivious and so peaceful, while you crept into my room to do something unspeakable sent your arousal levels shooting off the charts. Continue reading “While I Was Sleeping”

Dear Diary: The Midnight Phone Call


Dear Diary,

You aren’t going to believe what I’m about to tell you. I can scarcely believe it myself, but I swear to you that every inky line I scribble into you in the next five minutes is true. Oh my God, I’m sitting here on the window seat, still shaking like a leaf, and I still can’t believe it happened! I’m going to replay the whole thing, word for word, cos I don’t want to risk forgetting even one minute of it… Continue reading “Dear Diary: The Midnight Phone Call”

The Night Bus


My eyes were on the doors as the bus rolled to a halt at the stop. The three people who always sat in the middle shuffled to the front, and I held my breath, waiting for them to get off and someone else to get on.

A young woman had been getting on at this stop for the past twelve Wednesday nights. She always came to the back of the bus, sitting herself down in the seat that faced mine. I travelled all the way to the terminal, and she got off one stop before it.

Continue reading “The Night Bus”

The Cum Button

Belly button

Stalking along the hall in a cloud of perfume and powder, my fiancé jiggled her boobs a little further out of her already perilously low-cut top. She patted the dog on the head, handed her best friend a couple of notes to pay the taxi driver, then blew me a kiss.

The front door slammed on their excited chatter, and then there was silence. I waited a few beats to see if they’d forgotten anything. One or the other usually did, be it keys, a mobile phone, a lip gloss. After almost three minutes I knew they’d gone, and they wouldn’t be back until well after midnight.

Aah, time to myself at last!

Continue reading “The Cum Button”

Baby, It’s Cold Outside


I shifted my feet and my cock slapped off my skin, splashing little drops of pre-cum over the fine curly hair that trailed down from my belly button. Hot white clouds billowed from my mouth in the cold air, fogging up my glasses and making my scarf damp.

I didn’t want to be here again. Didn’t want to be around by the side of the flat, up against the wall in a ditch of flower beds that had never come to pass. I did not want to have my zipper digging into my ball sack as I tugged my cock to the sounds of Cheryl getting fucked.

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I Am My Own Desire


I never thought I’d find myself doing what I was about to do. Never thought it for even one minute. But it was happening, and the terror that bubbled up from my stomach was equalled only by the absolute exhilaration of my situation.

Keeping my eyes away from the small group of people who were watching me, I took a few more steps into the subway that ran beneath a now unused road. My fingers trembled as I unlaced the top of my pink and white dress, so I took my time, trying to make it look like I was intentionally exposing myself as slowly as possible.

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Just Friends


I’m staring at the woman with the squalling baby, daring her to sit beside me on the bus again. She’s done it every damned day this week, and we’ve been the only two people on the fucking bus. Every. Damned. Time. I’ve even had the driver ask me if I could do something to shut the kid up, and it isn’t even mine, nor is its mother. I do try, but I fail. Maybe that’s why she sits beside me. Maybe watching someone else fail reassures her that it isn’t just her the kid wails for. Continue reading “Just Friends”