Halloween Town Tales No 10 – Through the Looking Glass


Halloween 2016

Perching on the window sill opposite my bed, I stared at my Halloween costume. I’d always wanted to dress up as a saucy Cheshire Cat, and the cute little skirt and knee high socks were sexy with an edge of adorable. But the puss filled stick on boils with their clumps of matted fur? Not so much.

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Halloween Town Tales No 9 – Trick and Treat


Halloween 2016

I couldn’t have been more entertained when Iris Day slammed her front door on my visit.

Her daughter, Debbie, marched me along Crow Street, in the direction of Chillington Cemetery. She was heading to the annual Halloween Haunt, and so was I, but not just yet. I had a task I needed to finish first. A tradition, if you will. Something I’d been doing for the past six years, ever since my ex-girlfriend’s kid sister had come home crying because the tight-fisted fuckers in the neighbourhood had sent her away with no treats in her little ghost shaped bucket.

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Halloween Town Tales No 8 – Succubus


Halloween 2016


I snagged the balled up, cum contaminated t-shirt Alyssa Ferrell lobbed at me just before it hit me in the face. When I shook it out, I realised that, of all the clothes on the floor, the bitch had cleaned herself up with something of mine. That was just fucking great, I had to walk home in that. I didn’t live far, but that wasn’t the point. What if I bumped into someone…interesting?

“Thanks for that,” I said, with no small amount of distaste. “I don’t get why you have to act so pissy, you knew I was gonna cum. I specifically said, I’m gonna cum, Lyssa, so you’d know to shift your face.”

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Halloween Town Tales No 7 – The Haunting of Iris Day


Halloween 2016

Bzzz. Bzzz. Bzzzzzzzzzzz…

Flinging the dishcloth into the soapy water filled sink, I grabbed the bowl of wrapped sweets off the kitchen table and stalked to the front door.

“I’ll get it!” I hollered, tacking on a few quieter grumbles at the end. “Someone has to, seeing as though one of you appears to be deaf and the other broken legged.”

I’d been in a rotten mood all day, and the incessant hammering on the front door and buzzing of the bell wasn’t making me feel much better. I’d never liked Halloween, but my dislike had turned to a passionate hate when we’d moved into number fifty Crow Street. My neighbours embraced everything about it, and everywhere you looked there was gurning pumpkins, cackling witches, and glow in the dark skeletons.

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Halloween Town Tales No 6 – Haunted History


Halloween 2016

“Oh my fucking…I’m gonna cum, Lyssa…oh God, yes I’m coming, I’m…aah, aah, aaaaaahahahahahahahaha, it’s coming out of your nose!”

Spitting Scott Denon’s cum – and his cock – out of my mouth, I grabbed the nearest piece of clothing, frantically scrubbing away the white fluid that had splattered down my chin after I accidentally sucked a ton of it up the back of my nose.

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Halloween Town Tales No 5 – The Perfect Spell


Halloween 2016

Quieting my giggles as my friends and I got closer Richard Sweets’ front gate was hard work, but I managed it. I knew he was watching me. He always did when I came home from work. I felt his resentful eyes on me every time, accusing me, hating me for falling out of love with him, even though he was never around long enough for me to remain in love with him.

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Halloween Town Tales No 4 – Bloody Maria

*CONTENT WARNING – scroll to the bottom
of the page for details*

Halloween 2016

Sinking a shot of rum, I glared out of my bedroom window, watching three women giggle their way along Crow Street. I knew them all, in different capacities. The blonde girl had been in my class at school, the black haired one I had worked with, and the brunette… I’d been married to her.

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Halloween Town Tales No 3 – Body Swap


Halloween 2016

Chloe was staring at me again. Staring, and probably scowling, if I knew her, and know her I did. I didn’t even need to look at her to know that her eyes would be dark and demonic, that her arms would be folded over her glorious chest, and that her lips would be pursed so tightly the lower half of her face could pass for an asshole.

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Halloween Town Tales No 2 – The Mortician’s Daughter


The Mortician’s Daughter

Halloween 2016

It was only half three in the afternoon but the preparations for Chillington Cemetery’s annual Halloween Haunt were already well underway, and though I tried to look completely uninterested as I crossed the road at the south east side by the willows, I was secretly excited. I had no intentions of going, but I loved to walk past the gates and see everything coming together.

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Halloween Town Tales No 1 – Graveyard Games


Halloween 2015

Rosie Sweets pushed up off the railings as a black hearse, its windows tinted so dark it didn’t appear to have any, rolled up to the kerb not even a dozen feet from where we were standing. That wouldn’t have been so bad if Chloe Weaver hadn’t giggled and followed suit. They held hands, dancing on the spot in their barely there Dorothy and Toto Halloween costumes, half in excitement at the latest arrivals, half in an attempt to stave off the chilly autumn air.

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