Halloween Town Tales No 5 – The Perfect Spell


Halloween 2016

Quieting my giggles as my friends and I got closer Richard Sweets’ front gate was hard work, but I managed it. I knew he was watching me. He always did when I came home from work. I felt his resentful eyes on me every time, accusing me, hating me for falling out of love with him, even though he was never around long enough for me to remain in love with him.

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Halloween Town Tales No 3 – Body Swap


Halloween 2016

Chloe was staring at me again. Staring, and probably scowling, if I knew her, and know her I did. I didn’t even need to look at her to know that her eyes would be dark and demonic, that her arms would be folded over her glorious chest, and that her lips would be pursed so tightly the lower half of her face could pass for an asshole.

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