A Gift to the Gods

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On the face of it, today was a day that began much like any other. Jessa rose with the sun, smiled down upon the small, round faces of her still sleeping siblings as she slipped on her often-mended dress. She breakfasted with her father, then joined her mother at the door of their clay and stone hut. As always, they waited there for the rest of the village women to join them on their walk to the river to bathe.

As she stood quietly beside her mother, tracing swirling shapes into the dry, dusty ground with her bare toes, Jessa tried hard to convince herself that it was just another spring day. But although her breakfast of eggs and fish was routine, her father’s uneasy silence was not. Although she was used to her mother casting her gaze around the village to note who was on time and who would be late by the colour of smoke puffing through chimney holes, she was not used to her shifting her weight from foot to foot, or chewing her nails to the quick in agitation. Continue reading “A Gift to the Gods”

I Should Go

I really should be getting ready for work. My train is due in less than an hour. But I’m too comfortable, lying here in Miles’ bed, wearing nothing but a dirty shirt and an even dirtier smile. I feel languid. Fucked so well the very marrow of my bones has transformed into a substance heavier than lead and I can’t bring myself to move.

It doesn’t help that Hillary is standing by the dresser, either. She has a brush in her hand and is busy raking it through her honey blonde hair. The repetitive strokes give a gentle movement to her breasts. I watch them lift and sway, notice her shiver when the bristles of the brush sweep over her dark brown nipple. It tightens, wrinkles to a perfect peak. She tilts her head and, just before her hair swishes down to hide her face, I see her smiling. Continue reading “I Should Go”

One Day, You’ll Learn

My muscles twitch, making my body tremble. I shake so hard, I hear the wooden frame of the bed rattle. Sweat snakes down my ribs and waist, pooling on the sheet beneath me and making the small of my back itch. I’m soaked with the sheen of anticipation, of struggle. Of the fruitless attempts to retreat from the punishment my questionable behaviour has earned me. Continue reading “One Day, You’ll Learn”

Something New

“I bumped into Louise today.”

My fingers stilled in the act of shifting the cursor across my computer screen. I stared at Dane’s reflection in the mirror by the door, making an effort to keep my expression neutral. Within ten seconds of him making that announcement, my mind had run through every possible outcome from such a meeting. Not many of them were good. Continue reading “Something New”

Spank You, Baby!


I took the stairs two at a time, heading straight for Laura’s room. I could hear her complaining her ass off downstairs, even though she was at the front of the house and I was right at the back. Yeah, the piece of wood she was holding against the wall was fucking heavy, and that’s why I was taking my time. I enjoyed pissing her off, it was my favourite thing.

“On the bookcase in a unicorn bucket,” I sniggered as I walked through the door. Continue reading “Spank You, Baby!”

Dr Pryde’s Relaxation Centre


I’m lying here, eyes open wide, legs open wider, straining to hear any sounds that might be coming from the room next door. I think I hear a muffled cry but I could be wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time my imagination ran away with me in here.

This room is too white. The walls, blinds, curtains and carpets are all white. Pryde’s Relaxation Centre is so clinical I’m always surprised by the way I feel as soon as I walk in to this particular room. Surprised by how my pussy starts to throb as I follow the instructions on the poster beside the window. Continue reading “Dr Pryde’s Relaxation Centre”

The Night Bus


My eyes were on the doors as the bus rolled to a halt at the stop. The three people who always sat in the middle shuffled to the front, and I held my breath, waiting for them to get off and someone else to get on.

A young woman had been getting on at this stop for the past twelve Wednesday nights. She always came to the back of the bus, sitting herself down in the seat that faced mine. I travelled all the way to the terminal, and she got off one stop before it.

Continue reading “The Night Bus”

Candy, Caned

Two sexy seductive women in Christmas Mrs Santa Claus outfits, hats and lingerie in love

“Oh, Candace?”

My laugh died on my lips and I froze, one hand on the lapel of the dinner jacket that covered the broad chest of the guy I’d been flirting with for the last twenty minutes. He glanced over my shoulder, whistled quietly, then after patting my hand for a brief second, he walked away.

I didn’t dare turn around. It had been painfully obvious in the saccharine tone of Astrid’s voice that I’d angered her, and I couldn’t bear to let her see my face. Not because I didn’t want her to see my shame. I felt none of that, nor did I feel contrite.

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Fallen Leaves


Autumn is a beautiful season. I’d always loved the way nature seemed to catch fire, everything that was green becoming orange, red and golden as though the world knew it was getting colder so was making an effort to feel warm.

Ever since I was a kid, one of my favourite pastimes had been slipping on a pair of chunky boots, putting on a hat and scarf, and taking a walk through the woods just over the back from my parent’s house. Spotting toadstools, fallen fir cones and conkers never failed to fill me with joy, but not as much as staring up at visible patches of white and blue sky through a canopy of flaming leaves did.

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Halloween Town Tales No 6 – Haunted History


Halloween 2016

“Oh my fucking…I’m gonna cum, Lyssa…oh God, yes I’m coming, I’m…aah, aah, aaaaaahahahahahahahaha, it’s coming out of your nose!”

Spitting Scott Denon’s cum – and his cock – out of my mouth, I grabbed the nearest piece of clothing, frantically scrubbing away the white fluid that had splattered down my chin after I accidentally sucked a ton of it up the back of my nose.

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