Ella’s Fantasy Friday: The Entity

Welcome to my new short story series, Ella’s Fantasy Friday!

This week I’m gonna be channelling my inner scream queen. I’m gonna tell y’all about one of my supernatural fantasies. I mean, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have at least one spooktacular scenario tucked away in my spank bank, right?

The thing with this particular fantasy is, I don’t actually like it. It turns me on and gets me off, sure, but I’m always left with a feeling of unease whenever I wank to it. I know why that is, though. It relies heavily on fear and sexual assault and features one of my irrational fears; poltergeists. I’ve touched on it before in this story, but I romanticised it. I made the character welcome what was happening to her, thus validating it in a way. And though I’ve written the following piece in story form, this is closer to the way I picture it when I masturbate… Continue reading “Ella’s Fantasy Friday: The Entity”