Christmas At Forbidden Pleasures

If you’re doing a spot of sexy shopping this Christmas, you’ll be in need of a good sale. Loads of sex toy shops have already launched their festive reductions to take advantage of Black Friday madness. One such shop is my lovely sponsor, Forbidden Pleasures.

This UK based company has something for everyone, no matter whether you’re paying with pennies or pounds. Delivery is free over £30, and if your chosen toy is battery powered you get your batteries free so you can play straight away. Just remember to pop them in your basket on the product page when you add your toy.

If you need a bit of gifting inspiration (and know that sex toys will be received well by your giftee) here’s a quick list of full brand discounts and a few of my personal top picks. Continue reading “Christmas At Forbidden Pleasures”

Six Shades of Ella: A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Whenever a gift giving event rolls around, one of the conversations the Fella tries to strike up without me noticing is, which Ella am I buying for this time? See, the different moods of me come with very different tastes. If I’m feeling silly and playful I love to be showered with plushies, animated movies, or merchandise from my favourite kids’ TV shows. When my mood takes on a melancholy tone I get weepy when he gives me fuzzy socks, books, and tasty stuff I can eat while I wear and read them. And then there’s macabre me, who wants skulls, blood and anything that could be considered even slightly satanic. Continue reading “Six Shades of Ella: A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide”

Christmas Shopping with my Sponsors

A Quick Guide to the Most Giftable Sex Toys Scandarella’s Sponsors Have to Offer

Oh my giddy aunt, there are only 14 more sleeps to Christmas! Are y’all finished your shopping? Yeah, neither am I. I’m writing list upon list of what to get and for who, then checking it twice and realising that I got them that last year, or for their birthday, or that it was only in my head because they expressly told me it was what they categorically didn’t want. Aaargh!

I sometimes wish I could buy all the adults on my list sex toys. It would be so much easier cos I know my shit when it comes to bedtime playthings. Here’s a short list of toys I would totally buy for my mates if I thought they wouldn’t wig out on me, and you can pick them all up at one or more of my fabulous sponsors! There’s even a discount or two thrown in, especially for you, my lovely readers…

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The Bottom Line – Choosing the Best Anal Toys For You

Anal play. If you’re into it, it’s awesome. Slipping something as small as a pinkie finger in there can feel good enough for some, and others prefer anal toys. In general, the bigger the insertable, the more intense a sensation you’re in for. But big isn’t always better for everyone. Luckily, one way to maximise the sexy feels without maxing out your toy size, is to add a bit of vibration to your butt fun. have asked me to write a little bit about that, so here goes!

Safety First

Now, before anyone puts anything near their butt, they need to ask themselves one question: is it anal safe? The answer will only ever be ‘yes’ if your toy of choice has a flared base. Non-flared toys should never be inserted into the anus, and I’ll tell you why…

The muscles in your butt are designed to hold things in, despite the laws of gravity. They’re tight and strong, only allowing anything out when you say so (unless you’re ill). Their natural ‘pull’ is inward.

When you have an orgasm, your muscles contract. For some it might be a couple of mild pulses that feel nice while they last. But for others, an orgasmic pulse can be so strong it gives you a stitch. As your muscles contract, they lift. Guess what’s gonna happen to a straight vibe or dildo then. Yep, it’s gonna get sucked straight into the anus. From there, it could travel to your bowel, and from there you’re talking possible surgical help to retrieve it.

Nobody wants to have that conversation in A&E, so only toys with flared bases should be considered for use as anal toys. Many plugs have a round base with a slender neck, or they’ll have T-Bar base, and sometimes anchor bases. If you see a toy with a finger ring, make sure that ring is rigid. A soft one will easily squash, and that could result in your toy going AWOL.

Good job there’s so many anal safe products to be found, right?! Here are a few of them: Continue reading “The Bottom Line – Choosing the Best Anal Toys For You”

Beginner’s Bondage: Scandarella’s top picks

We have a wardrobe dedicated to bondage equipment, and although it’s contents see a lot of use, I’ve hardly reviewed any of the stuff in it. Reason being, I find this type of review really hard to write, because a good BDSM session results in so many emotions (many of them conflicting) I can’t put into words how I even feel, never mind write a coherent piece on what I think of this flogger or that cane.

There’s also been dozens upon dozens of occasions where I’ve come around from a session and haven’t been able to remember even half of what went on during it, meaning my reviews of products used during those times would be patchy at best.


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