Well, hello there! It’s lovely to see you, whether you’re a regular reader or just discovering Scandarella for the first time. Either way, you’re very welcome here and your presence delights me!

For those who don’t know me yet, my name is Ella Scandal. I’m approaching forty so fast years are starting to blur, and I’m in an almost twenty-year strong relationship with the love of my life. I run this site on my own, with my husband, Dom, and best friend, ‘the Fella’ helping in the background with toy testing. He runs a cheeky behind the scenes commentary that you’ll see randomly quoted throughout my reviews, but in his words, he ‘couldn’t write a shopping list never mind a blog post’ so I’ll be the fingers on the keyboard for male toy reviews. I also have guest bloggers popping up every so often whenever I need a helping *ahem* hand. They’re all fab, so do look out for their posts.

Along with the occasional guide or opinion piece, Scandarella is made up of two things:

Sex Toy Reviews

Most of the reviews you read at Scandarella will be written by me, and most of the products I write about will have been provided by some amazing stores and manufacturers from around the world. Though they’re given to me free of charge, I don’t guarantee a positive review in return. I promise those companies the same things I promise you, lovely readers; every word I write will be a 100% true account of my experiences. My time can be bought, but my opinions cannot, so you can rest assured that all you are getting here are the facts as I see them.

Super Filthy Erotica

So far, all of the stories here at Scandarella are written by me, too. Sometimes they’re written around a prompt (you might notice banners for Masturbation Monday, Wicked Wednesday, Kink of the Week & FriFlash at the end of certain posts, or maybe the short ‘MEMES’ list in the sidebar will catch your eye…give the images or links a click and thank me later) but most of the time they’re just the workings of my perpetually horny, insatiably curious mind. I love exploring sex, both in my head and in my bed, and I get just as much enjoyment from writing it all down and sharing it with you.

I have a couple of short stories in print (links to those anthologies can be found in the sidebar), and I have high hopes that my dream of having a novel published will soon be a reality. Keep your eyes peeled for more on that in the near future!

Getting Personal

I’ve learned so much about myself, the blogging community, and the world since Scandarella’s launch. So much about me has changed, and in ways I never expected. My preferences have changed, or rather they’ve expanded to include things I would never have tried before. But the biggest change is deep within me. It’s in my kinks, fetishes and even my very sexuality. I don’t know what it is yet, to be completely honest, but I do know that I’ve started to pause whenever someone asks how I identify. I’m exploring it in all the ways that are available to me, so evidence of that soul-searching will be appearing on the site over the coming months and years. I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me.

If you have any questions about anything I write or anything you think I might be able to help you with, please get in touch. You can reach me through the site’s contact page or by email at ella@scandarella.com. Those who’d like me to write/review for them can reach me at that email address, too. If you need an immediate response, I’m nearly always just a message away on Twitter. Click here to go to my page and feel free to use DM (direct messaging).

So that’s all about me and Scandarella. Dig in, find what you like, and enjoy. It’s great to have you here, and I hope you discover something that keeps you coming back.

Much love,