Witch Switch

*Image owned by the magical May More* After many (ye gods, far too many) months of not being able to do words, I’m finally back with a quickie for Halloween. This is a fun one but, with any luck, I’ll be back to my spooky self with the next 🦇 Wild winds howl through the narrow […]


I spied on Twitter that Exhibit A was running a prompt with a prize. Basically, the idea was to take a word from the Scrabble board above (image owned by EA) and produce a blog post using it as a title or a theme. Well, my brain is hurting from all the erotica flexing it’s […]

Backseat Deal

This story started out as a Wicked Wednesday post. The prompt was hand-holding, which happens to fit nicely with one of my favourite ways to give the Fella a handjob. But I didn’t get it finished before the deadline so decided to change my personal piece into a bit of erotica. I combined what I […]