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If you’ve been a Scandarella reader for a while, you’ve probably noticed that I’m fond of doing subscription box reviews. Getting a periodical delivery of sometimes surprise products is exciting, though many places who provide this service will let you know what to expect in advance, whether by email or on their websites. Some of those businesses will also offer set boxes that are jam packed with carefully curated pieces at knock down prices. One such business is Unbound Box.

A sassy, women first sex toy store based in NYC. They have their quarterly subscriptions (the current one at the time of publishing this review being oral sexcentric and featuring the awesome Womanizer Pro40), their shop full of body safe sex toys, and their selection of Unbound Boxes. When I was given a chance to choose something to review, it was one of the latter that caught my eye; the limited edition Girls Night In Box.

I’ll make no secret of the fact that I chose this particular box because of one particular product. It’s something I’ve wanted to review forever and a day, so I’m extra grateful to Unbound for giving me a chance to test it out. So, that special product is gonna be the first thing I talk about…

Crave Vesper Rose Gold Necklace Vibrator

Oh my giddy aunt! I cannot tell you how much I fucking adore this vibrator. It’s such a simple design yet the impact it has on not just the wearer but also those in the know is massive.

Fashioned from stainless steel with a rose gold plated screw off cap and matching chain, the Vesper is a beautiful example of something there is a lot of on the market at the moment; functional sex toys hiding in plain sight as wearable pieces of jewellery.

It’s a slim vibe (about the thickness of a pen) and measures 3.75” from tip to cap. The cable link chain is super fine, and at 26” it lies low on the breastbone. That means it can either be concealed between the breasts or worn proudly displayed over clothing/lingerie/whatever you decide to wear.

Given that it’s stainless steel it’s got very little weight to it. A friend on Twitter recently asked if it was weighty enough to make its presence known, but it isn’t. It’s designed to warm up during use, but the heat coming off warm skin is enough to take it to body temperature pretty quickly. That, combined with how light it is, should make it easy to forget you’re wearing it.


I don’t know about you, but there’s no way could I ever forget I’ve got a vibrator bouncing around between my boobs. The very nature of it is its own constant reminder, and that makes it a constant arouser.

It’s usb rechargeable (the cap screws off and the toy specific charger screws in) and is operated by a single push button. With three speeds and one pulsing pattern it isn’t the most mind-bending vibe in the world, but as a plus, it remembers the last setting you had it on. On the flip side of that, when you press and hold the button to turn it off it responds by changing the setting before it goes off.

That would be annoying if there was a load of modes to choose from, but there isn’t. What makes up for that small flaw is the vibes themselves – they’re ace! They do reflect the tiny size of the Vesper in that they are on the buzzier side, but I was pleasantly surprised by their power. There’s quite a bit of oomph behind them, and a hint of rumble on the lower two speeds, and they feed through the rounded tip to give fab pin-point clitoral stimulation.

Usually, I’d get moody about a vibe that doesn’t get me off, but I never approached the Vesper expecting that it would. My gut told me that it would be a cheeky vibe, intended to tease and titillate. To enhance partner foreplay either in dark corner of a club, beneath the table in a restaurant, or some other equally public place if you’re that way inclined, or once you get home after being so aware of it all evening if you’re not.

And you can use it comfortably in public places where there’s a bit of noise as it is pretty quiet. Just ensure that you’re mindful of those around you. Just because it’s fun for you doesn’t mean it’s gonna be fun for anyone else. You don’t want to poke someone in the eye with a bit of non-consensual soft porn, now, do you.

Care should be taken when cleaning cos the vibe isn’t waterproof, but it does come in a cute little storage pouch to make sure it doesn’t get scratched. There’s little compartments inside to keep the charger, vibe and chain all separate. Once it’s all packed away, you can keep it from getting knocked about by stashing in its little white box.

The Vesper doesn’t make me come without help from penetration, but I don’t care. It makes me feel good when I wear it. It turns me on and it turns the Fella on, too, and I won’t ever look down my nose at that.

Unbound Collection Amelia Body Chain

Following the same vein as the Vesper, Unbound have their own collections of functional jewellery that are based on some of history’s most well-known women. You can pick up a pair of pineapple earrings/nipple clamps from the Twiggy Collection, a stunning Egyptian choker/whip from the Cleopatra Collection, or this pretty body chain that pays homage to Amelia Earhart.

That very body chain is a lovely thing, but it made me a sad. Not because it’s poorly made, because it’s not. It’s a decently made piece of kinky costume jewellery, I’m just too big a gal to wear it. I love the little Unbound charm, and the adorable little plane one too, but there’s just not enough chain.

The piece can be worn over close fitting clothing or against bare naked skin. The necklace section is 27”, and that’s joined to the waist piece by a 0.75” o-ring. It’ll fit a waist between 32 and 40”, with the o-ring intended to sit just above the belly button.

What I’d like to see from places like Unbound is options. Drop down menus on products like this so that a customer can choose from different sizes. Basically, if you’re larger than a size UK size 16 you can’t buy wearable body jewellery from Unbound Collections. This is a shame, cos there are plenty of larger folk out there who would love to be able to buy something like this. I said this yesterday in a harness review that one size doesn’t and never will fit all, and that should be thought about when curating boxes like this.

Exsens Glam Oil 50ml

Now this is nice stuff! Exsens Glam Oil reminds me so much of my beloved Jean Paul Gaultier Fragile shimmering body oil. Not in terms of scent, but in terms of sparkle.

Mixed in with a gorgeously scented dry oil is the finest gold shimmer ever, and it’s intended for use on the body and the hair. When anyone says 50mls to me, I always envisage tiny bottles. Not so here, there’s a huge amount of liquid in this bottle. It’s a pump action spray that covers probably 6 inches of skin with each squirt. The initial application is quite blotchy, but smoothing a hand over it spreads it well, and a little goes a long way.

You could build the shimmer if you wanted something more obvious but be aware that the scent lingers, and putting too much on could become overpowering. Great if you like that sort of thing, but I prefer keeping this type of scent a little subtler so I can comfortably wear perfume over the top.

And what is that scent? I don’t actually know. There’s a powdery edge to it, and a hint of something sweet and lickable, but also that scent you get from liquid foundations. It’s definitely more of a cosmetic scent than a perfume one.

As soon as it hits the skin the oil (sweet almond & sunflower seed based) is absorbed, and it truly is a dry oil. It doesn’t leave any stickiness or shine, other than that of the shimmer, of course. The ingredients list is probably twenty strong, but I haven’t had any untoward reactions from it. That won’t mean much to you, but my skin is pathetically sensitive to chemicals and even natural ingredients so that this gives me no issues is astounding.

Bijoux Indiscrets Oral Pleasure Lip Gloss

I was excited about this product. When the Unbound Box arrived, this was the first thing I reached for after I slobbered all over the Vesper. A clear, shiny lip gloss that would make my lips look extra juicy and my blow jobs feel extra tingly? Yes please!

But the reality is, it’s not good. My first obstacle was the bottle itself. With its frosted glass and gold appearance it certainly looked luxe, but when I tried to get the cap off would it fuck move. So I gave it a few twists and ended up dripping gloss down the side of the bottle cos it’s not a twisty thing with a wand applicator, it’s pump action.

When I got that twisted back on and the cap prised off, I started to plunge the pump. And I plunged and plunged but no gloss was forthcoming. I was getting a bit pissed off by the time the pump belched and spat out a little splatter of gloss. A few more depressions and I had a full application’s worth of the stuff on my finger.

The gloss spreads nicely and looks super sleek, but it tastes like an old toothbrush. The mint is too mild to be called a flavour, but it’s too noticeable to say it’s flavourless. That hint of mint comes from one of the active ingredients in this gloss, which is peppermint oil. The other active ingredient is capsicum.

The purpose of the gloss is to add cold/hot sensations to blow jobs. The peppermint cools when blown on, and the capsicum is derived from peppers so there’s your hot, peeps.

On my lips I do get a mild warming, and I also get a cooling chill when I speak. But the Fella’s cock didn’t respond at all. I mean, it did respond cos it was getting blown, but the gloss didn’t do anything for him at all. I even reapplied, overdoing it until my lips were dripping, and had a good long smooch with his glans. Nada. He didn’t even acknowledge the sting of having any amount of capsicum on his bellend.

I had to try this for myself, so first, nipples. The cooling aspect worked on those, but it made them too sticky and annoying to do much else with afterward. And then I slapped some on my clit and inner labia, for science. I detected a slight tingle of coldness but that was about it. I was actually pleased, cos I don’t think I’d have liked my lower lips to feel the same sensation the ones on my face were having.

We didn’t rate this stuff highly at all, but sensitivity varies so you might have more luck than we did.

Bijoux Indiscrets Bi Double Lollipop

I confess, the inclusion of this in the Unbound Box made me snigger. I couldn’t stop thinking about those cringy pornos where some poor actress is having a lollipop shoved in her vagina by the oily dude giving her rough anal. The shape is ideal for g-spotting, sure, but yeast infections are real and can only be encouraged by having sugar lingering in your creases and crevices.

Instead, the Fella and I took turns in getting the lollipops all melty and using the resulting stickiness on other parts of each other’s bodies. We have so many erogenous zones – eg; the sides of my ribs and his collarbones – that love to be kissed, licked and bit, and using the lollipop was different and fun.

It’s a strawberry and sparkling wine flavour affair, which is a bit delicious. And it lasted for ages, too. So long we ended up munching on our respective ends after a while, but not until we did our version of the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene. I have to say that I’m a bit sad that I don’t have a cock now, cos I’d bet the Fella could deepthroat like a boss! That was a bit of silliness, though, and we should have known better. Adults aren’t immune to choking, so watch what you’re doing if you’re munching on sweeties while you fuck.

2x Sustain Condoms

It’s a very rare thing for us to use condoms, so these two are sat in a box waiting for the day to come when we want to share anal toys without washing breaks. They’re latex condoms so allergy havers beware, and they’re lubricated, too.

Unbound Box explains that they’re ultra-thin, fair-trade, odourless and vegan. They have quite a healthy shelf life too, being good until March 2019.

Is it worth it?

That’s a simple question to answer for not just this but most of Unbound’s boxes. The answer, is yes. The Crave Vesper alone retails at $90 for all colours at Unbound, which is something I haven’t seen before. The gold option usually costs $50ish more. But the whole Girl’s Night In Box didn’t cost much more than that. **I can’t tell you how much because it was a limited-edition box that has been discontinued since I received it at the end of April** That means you basically get the rest of what’s in there free. Even if you live in the UK and have to pay premium postage & packaging, you’re still getting a deal.

And it’s not just Unbound’s boxes that are well priced, either. Their products in general are competitive, and they have some crazy sales in which they more or less pay you to take their stock. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but £35 for a dildo (including shipping) that would cost me £80 here is an excellent deal, and getting to try all this stuff for the price of the Vesper is even better.

Though I think a few changes could be made (such as paying attention to larger bodies in designing their in-house collections) I really like Unbound, and I mostly love this box. Okay, the Vesper, I love the Vesper. If you’d like to see what Unbound have on offer for you, click the image below.

Unbound Box Girl's Night In Box Shop Now

The Unbound Box Girl’s Night In Box was sent to me by Unbound Box NYC in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

3 thoughts on “Unbound Box Girl’s Night In Box

  1. Ok no joke though, i’ve been DYING for a Rose Gold Crave AND spend way too much time trolling Unboundbox.com…..it’s just so lovely to look at. i wish i could afford their boxes! Thanks for the great review on them! I’ll have to save up for sure now, i think.

    I’ve also had my eye on sustain’s products; they just released organic period products as well and i’m super curious to try their condoms as my bf and i prefer microthin and i have a lot of sensitivities. i was thinking about bringing them into my shop to add some variety and options to our condom selection. if you ever get to using them let me know how they are!

    1. Hey hey 😀 I’m pleased you liked the review, lovely.
      And, ugh, Unbound have so many things I’d love to have I could cry, and I totally agree that their site is ace. So bright and fun! The Vesper is gorgeous, I’m even considering getting a social life so I can wear it more often, lol. We will get around to using the Sustain eventually, so I’ll do my best to remember to pass my thoughts on when I do.x

  2. Oooh, I have the Vesper, and it’s lovely. The box system sounds like a fun way to get new stuff, for people who can do that financially. Nice service. (Also, I got most of the way through the lollipop section before I realized it was a literal lollipop. Just figured it was the name of a dildo, or some such.)

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