We-Vibe Jive

Do you feel that? The shaking that’s coming up through the floor and making your shoes vibrate? That’s a baby elephant – aka, me – jumping up and down with excitement. Why? Cos I got a chance to review the We-Vibe Jive, hot off the assembly line. Ah, I love working with Luxury Vibrators so fucking much, they’re unbelievably good to me.

When I first spotted the Jive, I kinda rolled my eyes. I couldn’t help but think, how many frigging couples’ vibes will be enough for you, We-Vibe? But while I was right in thinking the Jive is ideal for partner play, it’s not another incarnation of the G-Spot-C-Spot-Cock pleasers that We-Vibe are famous for. Continue reading “We-Vibe Jive”

Kandles by Kitten Vamp Wax Play Gift Set

When I do a review, I often start with a bit of the old, ‘did I love it or did I hate it, read on to find out’ lark. But not today. Nope, today I’m going straight in with the love. Because this Kandles by Kitten Vamp Wax Play Gift Set is awesome, and I’m not even gonna bother pretending it might not be.

When I got back from lunch this afternoon, I started taking a few final photos for this very review. What was supposed to have been a few drips for pics turned into an impromptu hot wax session that ended in a crumbly quickie with the Fella on the bathroom floor. I love how these candles feel, so I should have known that things weren’t ever gonna end any other way. Continue reading “Kandles by Kitten Vamp Wax Play Gift Set”

Tantus Curve & Curve Super Soft

One of the most fun parts of the reviewing side of Scandarella has always been cultivating my lust list. Even before I started blogging, I had a healthy (okay, ridiculously long) list of sex toys I wanted to get my paws on. I thought that, after the blog happened, the list would gradually shrink, but nope. It’s probably twice as long as it ever was. One thing that’s been on it forever is the Tantus Curve, so when the lovely Bonnie at Luxury Vibrators asked me to review not just that but also the new Tantus Curve Super Soft, I enthusiastically screamed, “I’ll do it!”

So, the Curves. Sexy, sexy dildos that are ideal for solo play, partner play, and – more than anything else – pegging. Yep, these dildos are a fantastic size for the butt shy who, though they want to indulge in a bit of harness action, aren’t keen on anything too intimidating. Continue reading “Tantus Curve & Curve Super Soft”

So Divine Sweet Sensation Booty Plug

I think I’ve finally done it, folks. It’s taken me a while, but I’ve finally found what I consider to be the ideal first butt plug for butt toy novices. It’s petite, body safe, anal safe, and has a sparkle to it that’ll brighten up bums everywhere. Yep, the So Divine Sweet Sensation Booty Plug is now my go to reply to those emails I get that ask, ‘what’s the perfect starter plug?’.

Really, this thing is the cutest. I mean, there are other cute plugs on the market without a doubt. But you’ll be hard pushed to find one that’s as cheap as this one is without having to make some kind of compromise somewhere. And when it comes to butt stuff, compromise should be the last thing on your mind. Continue reading “So Divine Sweet Sensation Booty Plug”


“Just the one, today, love! Scribble your name in the box there for me, would you?”

The delivery guy handed me a little tablet, and a plastic pen dangling on a springy coil. As usual, my signature was hastily done and barely registered by the device, but who gave a fuck about that? I shoved the thing back at him and all but tore the package from his hands, saying thank you despite the fact that the door had already slammed in his face.

I know, that was super rude of me, but I’d been waiting weeks for this thing to arrive. Continue reading “Poseidon”

NS Novelties ColourSoft 8″ Silicone Dildo

Recently, I’ve been thinking about silicone. Reason being, a few chats with friends have brought up the same statement over and over, and it’s something that pisses me off. They’ve said, “Rubber might not be the best for your body in the long run, but silicone is just so expensive, and the bigger ones…pft, no way!”. Wrong! Oh, so very wrong. Silicone dildos are widespread and can be eye-bogglingly inexpensive. When those friends asked for an example, I pointed them straight at the NS Novelties ColourSoft 8” Silicone Dildo.

I love this dildo so much! But, unlike some of the other dildos in my review queue, it’s nothing fancy. It has no bells and no whistles whatsoever. It’s just a long, fat, realistic dildo in a funky colour, and it’s one of the most fuckable toys in my cupboard. Continue reading “NS Novelties ColourSoft 8″ Silicone Dildo”

The Bottom Line – Choosing the Best Anal Toys For You

Anal play. If you’re into it, it’s awesome. Slipping something as small as a pinkie finger in there can feel good enough for some, and others prefer anal toys. In general, the bigger the insertable, the more intense a sensation you’re in for. But big isn’t always better for everyone. Luckily, one way to maximise the sexy feels without maxing out your toy size, is to add a bit of vibration to your butt fun. DearLady.us have asked me to write a little bit about that, so here goes!

Safety First

Now, before anyone puts anything near their butt, they need to ask themselves one question: is it anal safe? The answer will only ever be ‘yes’ if your toy of choice has a flared base. Non-flared toys should never be inserted into the anus, and I’ll tell you why…

The muscles in your butt are designed to hold things in, despite the laws of gravity. They’re tight and strong, only allowing anything out when you say so (unless you’re ill). Their natural ‘pull’ is inward.

When you have an orgasm, your muscles contract. For some it might be a couple of mild pulses that feel nice while they last. But for others, an orgasmic pulse can be so strong it gives you a stitch. As your muscles contract, they lift. Guess what’s gonna happen to a straight vibe or dildo then. Yep, it’s gonna get sucked straight into the anus. From there, it could travel to your bowel, and from there you’re talking possible surgical help to retrieve it.

Nobody wants to have that conversation in A&E, so only toys with flared bases should be considered for use as anal toys. Many plugs have a round base with a slender neck, or they’ll have T-Bar base, and sometimes anchor bases. If you see a toy with a finger ring, make sure that ring is rigid. A soft one will easily squash, and that could result in your toy going AWOL.

Good job there’s so many anal safe products to be found, right?! Here are a few of them: Continue reading “The Bottom Line – Choosing the Best Anal Toys For You”

Doggy Darling Pussy & Ass Masturbator

Before Scandarella became a thing, the Fella was never really into sex toys that are made for the old John Thomas. His toy box was made up of things to tie me up, hit or tickle me with, and a load of bullet vibes. All there was in it for his cock was a sex shop own-brand stroker or two, and a few Tenga Eggs. But, as I said, Scandarella happened, and his interests in penis pleasing toys grew. But that’s not why I’m bringing you this review of the You2Toys Doggy Darling from Orion. Read on to find out the real reason I opted to try out this wobbly, big assed…ass.

For many people, fantasies play a large part in their sexual relationship with not just their partners, but also themselves. Whether it be a sexy scenario that gets shared and played out, or something that remains tucked away in the privacy of our minds, most of us do have them. Continue reading “Doggy Darling Pussy & Ass Masturbator”

Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet – Flat Sheet

Okay, I’m about to contradict myself again. If any of you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen a comment I made recently, about reviewing. I said that, when products are awesome, it feels like my reviews almost write themselves. Well, I’m about to contradict myself, because as incredible as this Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet Plus Flat Sheet is, this review has proved difficult to get right.

I don’t know why. All the elements are there; great packaging, brilliant product, fantastic service from a fantastic company…I guess I’m just not that well versed in reviewing bed linens, lol. Continue reading “Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet – Flat Sheet”

We-Vibe Touch Clitoral Vibrator

Just like everyone else on the planet, I have favourite movies. I have favourite music, foods, and TV shows. And I also have favourite sex toy brands. I’ve made no secret that the top of my pops is Fun Factory, but I don’t think I’ve ever officially announced that We-Vibe is probably a close second. I’ve reviewed a few of their products this past month or so, and now it’s the turn of one that’s been waiting for my attention for a while. The We-Vibe Touch.

For a few years now, one bullet has reigned supreme on my top clit toys list. The We-Vibe Tango. Damn, I love that toy so fucking much! If anyone had told me, even just a few years ago, that a three-inch-long vibrator would not only be capable of giving me stitch inducing clitoral orgasms, but that it would give me them every time I used it, I would have laughed in their face. Younger me had a hard clit to please. Continue reading “We-Vibe Touch Clitoral Vibrator”