Lovelife Flex Kegel Exerciser Set

Those who follow me on Twitter may have noticed that I made a statement that surprised me recently. While I’m a chick who adores her death metal and all of its accompanying blacks, blood reds, and skulls, there’s been a new love stealing over me that I’ve welcomed wholeheartedly.

I’ve caught the girly. I’m absolutely loving the magical rainbows and unicorns out there in the sex toy world, as well as the unashamedly feminine fluffy clouds, hearts and flowers.

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Catherine Pleasure Balls Set

I spend a disproportionate amount of my laptop time browsing through sex toy shops, and the Fella tells me I often look like I should be wearing a bib while I do so. One such occasion was when I was perusing Coco de Mer, and I spotted one of their luxury toy collections. All of the pieces in it are beautiful, so naturally I wanted them all, but their prices were pretty jaw-dropping, and I accepted that it wasn’t gonna happen.


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