Tenga Egg Six Pack

This review has been four months in the making, folks. Four months of trying to get the Fella to drop his drawers so that I could get to work on his cock with one of the cute little masturbators from this Tenga Egg 6 Pack.

Don’t get me wrong, the boxers came down easily enough. But before I could say which texture do you want, he’d whipped the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo out and declared it the toy of the day. He’s a spoiled brat when it comes to that thing, and I’m a sucker, so I reviewed the other things MEO had sent me instead. Well, it’s high time I got to telling y’all about these fab little eggs, so here goes… Continue reading “Tenga Egg Six Pack”

Hot Octopuss Pulse III DUO

Even though I’ve only been reviewing sex toys for two and a half years, it seems to me that getting to try something completely new is a pretty rare occurrence. Dildos may be different shapes and sizes, and vibes might come in a host of different strengths and qualities, but they’re essentially just dildos and vibes.

Even strokers and masturbators are pretty much all the same in the sense that they’re something to stick your cock in while you or someone else strokes it.


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Fleshlight Freaks Alien Masturbator

I’ve wanted to watch the Fella use a Fleshlight forever. But whenever I mentioned getting one he would always put me off, telling me I was the only sex toy he needed. I was gutted, but then recently he changed his mind and agreed to use one purely so I could review it. The sacrifices that man makes for me *eye roll*.


Anyway, the fab folk at Latex, Leather and Lace – an amazing store that is heavy on the hot lingerie, hotter bondage gear and scorching sex toys – gave me the go ahead to choose a Fleshlight. It’s me we’re talking about here, so it was never gonna be a porn star. Our first had to be something from the Freaks range, and as Latex, Leather and Lace carry the gloriously blue Fleshlight Freaks Alien, that’s what I picked.

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Lingox Poker Spade Edition Masturbator

Every person on this earth has their vices. Be it smoking, drinking, or my own personal vice of nibbling on sweet things while I’m cooking meals, we all have something we do in excess that we know probably shouldn’t.


The Fella is no different to the rest of us, and his vice has long been gambling. Unlike his dad, he isn’t one to have just a flutter on the gee gees, though. No, he’s more of a table games man, and he’s rarely happier than when he’s in a casino, either standing by a roulette wheel or sitting around a poker table.

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