Bad Dragon Kelvin Silicone Dildo

Unless you work for either a sex toy manufacturer or store, it’s unlikely you’ve read my info page. On that page are all the terms and conditions of working with me. One of my self-imposed rules is that any individual product sent to me will be reviewed within six weeks of delivery. If more than one product is sent, there’ll be up to four weeks between reviews. Nine times out of ten I stick to this rule, but as with everything, there are exceptions. This is the case with the Bad Dragon Kelvin.

No, this sucker is well outside of my review window after being with me since…wait for it…March. It arrived at the same time as my beloved Bad Dragon Tentacle. That dildo took me long enough to review, but when it comes to Kelvin, it’s taken me seven frigging months to get myself in a place where I feel like I have the right to talk about this magnificent beast. Continue reading “Bad Dragon Kelvin Silicone Dildo”

Dodil Mouldable Dildo

When I headed for the bedroom with the kettle (and its base) three tea towels, a glass chopping board and a rolling pin, my kid looked at me like I was having an episode. He was like, ‘are you doing some Frankenstein thing up there’ and the Fella told him, ‘she’s not scientifically minded, son…she’ll be doing voodoo’. And, he was kinda right. I was doing sex toy voodoo, and I was doing it with the awesome invention that is the Dodil Mouldable Dildo.

This thing fascinated me from the moment I first visited the Dodil website. Never have I seen a product that held so much potential to be either absolutely fantastic or utterly disastrous. I expressed my interest and was sent a review sample straight away. Such excite! Continue reading “Dodil Mouldable Dildo”

Tantus Curve & Curve Super Soft

One of the most fun parts of the reviewing side of Scandarella has always been cultivating my lust list. Even before I started blogging, I had a healthy (okay, ridiculously long) list of sex toys I wanted to get my paws on. I thought that, after the blog happened, the list would gradually shrink, but nope. It’s probably twice as long as it ever was. One thing that’s been on it forever is the Tantus Curve, so when the lovely Bonnie at Luxury Vibrators asked me to review not just that but also the new Tantus Curve Super Soft, I enthusiastically screamed, “I’ll do it!”

So, the Curves. Sexy, sexy dildos that are ideal for solo play, partner play, and – more than anything else – pegging. Yep, these dildos are a fantastic size for the butt shy who, though they want to indulge in a bit of harness action, aren’t keen on anything too intimidating. Continue reading “Tantus Curve & Curve Super Soft”

NS Novelties ColourSoft 8″ Silicone Dildo

Recently, I’ve been thinking about silicone. Reason being, a few chats with friends have brought up the same statement over and over, and it’s something that pisses me off. They’ve said, “Rubber might not be the best for your body in the long run, but silicone is just so expensive, and the bigger ones…pft, no way!”. Wrong! Oh, so very wrong. Silicone dildos are widespread and can be eye-bogglingly inexpensive. When those friends asked for an example, I pointed them straight at the NS Novelties ColourSoft 8” Silicone Dildo.

I love this dildo so much! But, unlike some of the other dildos in my review queue, it’s nothing fancy. It has no bells and no whistles whatsoever. It’s just a long, fat, realistic dildo in a funky colour, and it’s one of the most fuckable toys in my cupboard. Continue reading “NS Novelties ColourSoft 8″ Silicone Dildo”

Tantus Adam Super Soft Silicone Dildo

When I think about what can make me squirt without internal vibes or clit stim, certain things come to mind. The Fella’s fingers. Rigid dildos, be they hooked or curved. Dildos that are so big I can barely stand it. Oh, and most glass dildos, regardless of shape. Something I never really think of is soft, floppy, squishy dildos. Because those don’t really have what it takes to give my g-spot the type of stimulation it needs. But along came the Tantus Adam Super Soft, and it changed everything.

As I’ve explained in a couple of past reviews, Tantus have been phasing out some old faves and relaunching them in the super soft, single density version of their 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone. The results vary from toy to toy, with the Destiny and Vamp being slightly firmer than the Adam, and both of those being rather marvellous. Continue reading “Tantus Adam Super Soft Silicone Dildo”

Sh! Silicone Double-Ended Dildo

I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of the gorgeous dildos made by Sh! Womenstore.  Everything about them is top shelf, and getting to try all the different shapes and sizes is a delight. The most recent addition to my dildo shelf is this, the very lovely Sh! Silicone Double-Ended Dildo.

If you and your partner are in to shared penetration and both like your insertables to be on the meaty side, this double-ended dildo could be for you. There’s girth, length, and texture galore. And, to put the cherry on the already delicious cake, the entire piece is made from 100% body safe silicone. Now, for someone who had a very similar toy a while back that was made from body rotting evil (aka, jelly), getting my hands on a non-toxic, non-porous version was one of the highlights of my year. Continue reading “Sh! Silicone Double-Ended Dildo”

Tantus Destiny Super Soft Dildo

Do you believe in destiny? I do, and I always have done, because it seems like, sometimes, some things are just meant to be. Things like me getting my paws all over the Tantus Destiny Super Soft, for example.

You may or may not know that Tantus are in the process of overhauling their silicone offerings. One product I had fixed firmly in my sights was the Raptor XL. A gloriously chubby, ballsy dildo that looked like it would take me to harness heaven as soon as the Fella strapped it on. Continue reading “Tantus Destiny Super Soft Dildo”

FleshJack Boys Pierre Fitch Dildo

Question time! How do you feel about sex toys that have been modelled on a porn star’s body-parts? Does penetrating a stroker that was moulded from your fave leading lady’s vulva start your motor? Does having your holes filled by a silicone cock moulded from the stud of the piece rev your engine? Well, I’m coming at you with my feels about these kinds of products in this starry-eyed review of a star-based sex toy; FleshJack Boys’ Pierre Fitch Dildo.

I’ve only ever had one performer-based sex toy in my life, back before my prudish little heart would entertain porn. It was an enormous Jeff Stryker dildo made of vagina death, aka, rubbery stuff. I know, I blush when I think of what I used to cram in me back in those days, but I didn’t know any better. Continue reading “FleshJack Boys Pierre Fitch Dildo”

Sh! Honey 6 Vibrating GSpot Dildo

I’ll let you in on a little secret; I love the outward appearance of jelly dildos. They look squishy, bouncy and gummy, and their colours are nearly always super pretty. Terrible, I know, but then I’ve always been attracted to the bad guy. But the only thing I’d ever touch one with these days would by my gaze. They’re so much badder than the bad guy, and I’ve learned to steer clear. But that’s no big shakes for me, because I have a Sh! Honey 6 Vibrating GSpot Dildo.

Sh! Honey 6 Vibrating GSpot Dildo Side View Continue reading “Sh! Honey 6 Vibrating GSpot Dildo”

GODEMICHE Hercules Dildo

GODEMICHE. You’ve likely heard lots of good stuff about them by now. If not, which rock have you been under? They’re UK based hand-poured dildo makers. A company known for bright, bold colours and multi-hued mixes that are more psychedelic than the 70s. A company ran by the sweetest lady and the most hyper guy you’ll ever meet. They’re also known for having just a few (superb) designs on offer; their Adam and Ambit dildos, and their plugs and pegs. I’ve said in a past review that I’d be watching with keen interest to see what future designs they came up with. I knew it would be something special, and I was right. The Ambit is a hit. Now, I’m gonna tell you all about their latest release; the GODEMICHE Hercules.

GODEMICHE Hercules Dildo Full Side View

I was so excited to be given a chance to review this uncut hero. It was sent to me by the awesome Vikki at Uberkinky, a company who currently have exclusivity on it. Deliveries come so fast from Uberkinky, and I had my Hercules in my hands the day after the review agreement was made. Continue reading “GODEMICHE Hercules Dildo”