Omeha Soy Wax Massage Candle by Desirables

Here at the Scandal household, massage candles are one of our most purchased ‘consumable’ products. As the receiver, I love the heat, scents and relaxation a good candle brings. As the poor sod with the arthritic thumbs, the Fella appreciates a decent bit of glide. And one of the nicest candles we’ve tried this year is this gorgeous Omeha Soy Wax Massage Candle by Desirables.

Presented in a simple frosted glass jar, the Desirables candle is perfect for gifting, and at 120ml (4oz) with an approximate 15 hour burn time, it keeps on giving for quite a few sessions.

While it’s solid and unlit in its jar, the wax looks creamy and kinda like a soft cheese. In the mix along with the soy wax there is mango seed butter, sunflower seed oil, a blend of fruity, floral and woody oils and a helping of skin softening Vitamin E. All natural ingredients, no nasty chemicals, and suitable for vegans. Nice! Continue reading “Omeha Soy Wax Massage Candle by Desirables”

Unbound Box Girl’s Night In Box

If you’ve been a Scandarella reader for a while, you’ve probably noticed that I’m fond of doing subscription box reviews. Getting a periodical delivery of sometimes surprise products is exciting, though many places who provide this service will let you know what to expect in advance, whether by email or on their websites. Some of those businesses will also offer set boxes that are jam packed with carefully curated pieces at knock down prices. One such business is Unbound Box.

A sassy, women first sex toy store based in NYC. They have their quarterly subscriptions (the current one at the time of publishing this review being oral sexcentric and featuring the awesome Womanizer Pro40), their shop full of body safe sex toys, and their selection of Unbound Boxes. When I was given a chance to choose something to review, it was one of the latter that caught my eye; the limited edition Girls Night In Box. Continue reading “Unbound Box Girl’s Night In Box”

Kink Craft Hot Wax Play Candles & Jug

Patience. It isn’t something I have a great deal of, truth be told. I want everything done yesterday, and dislike waiting for things intensely. It pisses me off, making me wonder why things don’t just happen as soon as they’re thought of. So imagine, if you can, how annoyed I was when the Fella said we had to use up the bondage candles we had on the go before I could get these gorgeous Kink Craft Wax Play Candles and Wax Play Jug out of the candle box.

KINK CRAFT HOT WAX PLAY CANDLES & JUG 1 Continue reading “Kink Craft Hot Wax Play Candles & Jug”

Shunga Kissable Massage Cream

Favourite brand alert! It feels like so much time has passed since I last reviewed a Shunga product, but today I’m putting that right. Today I’m gonna tell you all about a product that adds a little bit of magic to the Fella’s already incredible massages. Shunga Kissable Massage Cream in Pear & Exotic Green Tea is the most deliciously scented thing ever. Every time I smell it (which is daily cos I keep popping the cap to take a deep hit) I think of pear drops and I start to salivate. I want to squirt it in my mouth and eat it like it’s canned whipped cream.

SHUNGA KISSABLE MASSAGE CREAM 1 Continue reading “Shunga Kissable Massage Cream”

The Bondage Man UV Wax Play Candles

I have a thing for intense sensations. I adore having my sight temporarily stolen from me by a blindfold while I lie there at the Fella’s mercy. Sometimes I get to feel the tickle of feathers, the lash of floggers, or the prickle of a pinwheel. Other times it’s the wet dripping of ice I get to feel or, even better, hot splashes of wax.


Getting a chance to review these The Bondage Man UV Wax Play Candles for Uberkinky made me super happy for a few reasons. One of them being that I just acquired a UV light a couple of months ago. The other reasons were; they look amazing, are made a stone’s throw away from me in the North East of England (hooray for almost local produce), and I just basically love getting covered in hot wax.

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SHUNGA Massage Candles

If you’re a regular Scandarella reader, you’ll likely be aware that one of my most beloved ways to get intimate with the Fella is through massage. So much so, I was even moved to write about it, and if you haven’t already, you can read that piece here.

One of the simplest – and sexiest – ways to add a little something something to a sensual massage, is by using a massage candle. We’ve tried a few brands, and there is one we keep going back to, but my little heart was yearning to try a new one.


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LELO Flickering Touch Massage Candle

If you’ve read my Not Just For Hands blog post, you’ll know that I have a passion for massage. One of the simplest ways to enhance a massage and make it more erotic, is by adding the warm slip and slide of melted oils from a massage candle.

The Fella and I have used a few brands, but we hadn’t had the pleasure of trying a LELO Flickering Touch Candle until the lovely Michelle at Just4Play sent us one in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

LELO CANDLE SNOW PEAR CEDARWOOD 1 (2) Continue reading “LELO Flickering Touch Massage Candle”