MEO Essentials Guest Review by Just A Monkey Reviews

I’m super delighted to be publishing this guest review from new reviewer, Just A Monkey Reviews. It’s his first time dipping his toes into the waters of the sexy reviewing world, so if you like his style (and his fucking amazing photos) give him a follow on Twitter. Check out what he thought of some picks from MEO’s massive range of lubes and sprays…

I was asked by Scandarella if I would write a guest review of some MEO Lubricants, and jumped at the chance to kick-start my reviewing career. Continue reading “MEO Essentials Guest Review by Just A Monkey Reviews”

Pjur BodyGlide Silicone Lubricant

As a sex toy reviewer, silicone based lubes have long given me a twitchy eye. The thought of reaching for a bottle of lube during a frenzied masturbation session, only to pick up the wrong one and ruin a silicone toy, pretty much terrifies me. I know that sounds silly, but after a recent accident I had with hand sanitiser that came in a similar shaped bottle to the water-based lube I was reaching for, I feel like my caution was warranted. It’s not easily done, but it does happen.

Still, I hold firm that silicone based lubes have a place in the lotions and potions box, and one I tried recently is Pjur BodyGlide Silicone Lubricant. Continue reading “Pjur BodyGlide Silicone Lubricant”

MEO Cock Candy Oral Sex Gels

Welcome to Scandarella’s first guest review! As I’ve reviewed a few flavours for another site, the lovely Tina ‘n’ Keith (there are no links back to them cos they wanted to remain anon) agreed to put these MEO Cock Candy Oral Sex Gels through their paces for me. They were a hit with me and my Fella, but did they tickle the fancy of the discerning Tina and hers? Read on to find out…

I have never really thought about whether I enjoy the taste of my boyfriend. The feel (heaviness on my tongue) and smell (washing powder) were my primary concerns, taste was irrelevant as the first two were so perfect.  Similarly, my partner has never had anything but positive things to say about my pussy (I mean, I don’t want to brag but he’s said it’s the best he’s ever tasted more than once… Anyway, I digress.)

Continue reading “MEO Cock Candy Oral Sex Gels”

MEO EZ2SUCK Deep Throat Spray

Confession: I’m not very good at deep throating. My gag reflex is possibly the strongest of my body’s natural reactions, and no matter how many times the Fella tells me I’m ‘getting better’ or that I ‘took a bit more that time’ I know he’s just trying to make me feel better. Basically, if he wants more than an enthusiastic bellend servicing, I suck at sucking.


So, when I received my first MEO review package I was delighted to find a bottle of EZ2SUCK Deep Throat Spray had been popped in there. All the promises about turning myself into a professional cock sucker with the help of a pump action bottle and a bit of eagerness had me chomping at the bit to give it a go to see if I could impress my man by taking all of him. Continue reading “MEO EZ2SUCK Deep Throat Spray”

Shunga Dragon Sensitive Intensifying Cream

Here be dragons! Well okay, not really, there aren’t any dragons at all. But there is Shunga Dragon Sensitive Intensifying Cream which, while not as awesome as actual dragons, is still pretty cool. I’ll tell you why…

Firstly, packaging! I know, I say it every time I do a Shunga review but I’m not afraid to repeat myself. I tell the Fella I love him a dozen times a day, and I do, so there’s no reason I can’t tell y’all that I love Shunga packaging all the time.


As you can see in the pics, this one is a gorgeous icy blue and deepest black box with our favourite Japanese couple loving it up on the front. Oh, and there’s a dragon! I love dragons. Continue reading “Shunga Dragon Sensitive Intensifying Cream”

Nomi Tang IntiMate Kegel Ball Set

My love affair with kegel exercisers is undying. Popping a kegel ball/egg inside me is one of the first things I do when I wake up. The only time I don’t is when I’m having a period, but only because I use a cup.


When I was sent the Nomi Tang IntiMate Kegel Ball Set for review, I was instantly impressed with the packaging. It isn’t particularly flashy or posh, which I usually love, but it does have a clean and classical appeal. Inside of a glossy, understated sleeve is a solid white box. Subtly branded, magnetically fastening and lined with grey satin, it’s a perfect long term storage solution. Continue reading “Nomi Tang IntiMate Kegel Ball Set”

Kinklab Private Pursuit Kegel Balls Set

Recently had a baby? Momentarily lose control of your bladder when you laugh, cough or sneeze? Clocking on in years? These are three of the most common reasons women the world over turn to kegel balls. Well, those and that sequence in Fifty Shades of Grey.

Emoticon Whatever

As much as that sounds like the intro to one of those crappy adverts we’ve all woken up to in a haze when the channel we fell asleep watching has gone off air, it’s all true. Kegel balls are fab at helping strengthen weakened muscles, and not just for mums, sneezy-squirters or those of us who have marched through more than thirty years of life. They’re ace for anyone looking to strengthen their orgasms through pelvic floor toning.

Continue reading “Kinklab Private Pursuit Kegel Balls Set”

Crowned Jewels Titanium Kegel Eggs

You may already know that I’m a bit of an aficionado when it comes to kegel exercisers. I’m fascinated by them. I love their different styles, shapes, weights and sizes, and I love them whether they’re vibrating or non-vibrating, jiggly or solid. I even have googoo eyes for the ones that give off an electrical charge. Be they metal, silicone, plastic or glass, they all have a place in my box *lolz like a kid*.


But, there’s kegel exercisers, and then there’s Crowned Jewels Titanium Kegel Eggs.

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SHUNGA Secret Garden Orgasm Enhancing Cream

I’m sure y’all know by now that I’m a big fan of SHUNGA products. I love their packaging, I love their tins, bottles, and tubes, and I love what comes in them. Every time I open the bedside table drawer and see that beautiful Japanese lady and her handsome beau looking all loved up, it makes me smile no matter how crappy my mood.

In my delivery of review goodies, was this little gem:

Secret Garden Orgasm Enhancing Cream

Continue reading “SHUNGA Secret Garden Orgasm Enhancing Cream”

LICX Essentials

If you use sex toys – or even if you don’t – you’ll probably have a drawer in your bedside table dedicated to bottles, tins, and sachets of lubes, oils, and orgasm enhancers. They’re not called essentials for nothing, and the Fella and I go through mountains of the stuff every month.


I was thrilled to be sent a box filled to the brim with goodies from a company called LICX recently, as it was a brand I’d never come across before. Their operation seems to be quite small at the moment, but I can see it expanding quickly to include different types of product, as well as more variety of the stuff they offer now. Continue reading “LICX Essentials”