Zado Leather & Chain Collar

Weird confession time! When it comes to pegging my lovely Fella, I dislike being collared. I don’t know what fucked up things my brain thinks up to make me feel that way, but I just don’t like it. It feels chokey and too restrictive, and it makes me feel like a fraud, kinda like I don’t deserve to wear a submissives piece while ‘acting’ dominant.

So I opt out of wearing the collar when he offers it to me.

The problem with that is, I then feel underdressed. I have on my corset or basque, stockings, unchained cuffs, and a sexy harness of course, but my throat, shoulders, and décolletage feels like too wide an expanse of bare skin.


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Zado Leather & Metal Whip

If you’ve read my top suggestions for beginner’s bondage products, you’ll know that I have a basic scale for impact toys that works well for me: floggers, crops, then paddles, and moving on from beginner into more experienced territory, I’d add whips and canes too.


I’ve always found floggers to be pretty mild impact equipment, so you can probably imagine how slack jawed I was when the Zado Leather Whip (which is a flogger in my eyes) turned my opinions firmly on their heads.

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