We-Vibe Wish Pebble Vibrator

I’m fairly confident that most people who have an interest in sex toys will know of the We-Vibe Tango. Whether through personal experience or through blogs/social media/forum chatter, you’ll probably know that it’s widely accepted as the most powerful rechargeable bullet on the market. So powerful, in fact, a lot of people have expressed a desire to have a softer, cushioned version. And ever a company to give its customers what they want, We-Vibe delivered not once but twice. First with the We-Vibe Touch, and then more recently with the We-Vibe Wish. But with the latter, you get a little more than you, well, than you could wish for.


I could have reviewed the Tango within an hour of getting my first one. Bone shaking, intense orgasms after less than five minutes of use, every damned time I use it. The We-Vibe Wish, however, has taken me almost two months to get to grips with. Crayzee, I know. Continue reading “We-Vibe Wish Pebble Vibrator”

We-Vibe Sync

There have been many incarnations of the We-Vibe wearable couple’s vibrator, but until I received the We-Vibe Sync for review, I’d only ever experienced the earliest incarnation of it. And I’d hated it. It was too small, the silicone was draggy, shiny and awful, and the vibes were terrible.


It really did put me off this type of toy, but as I’d had a successful reunion with the Eroscillator 2 (which I never thought would happen in a million years) I decided it was time to give them another chance. Continue reading “We-Vibe Sync”

We-Vibe Nova

When someone says, ‘Rabbit-style vibrator’ or ‘dual stimulator’ to you, what images pop into your head? Whirly beaded shafts? Little bunny face with pointy ears? Big clunky-assed handle with clicky buttons? Yeah, that’s what I think of too. So like me, you probably look at the We-Vibe Nova and think, what the fuck is that all about?


Continue reading “We-Vibe Nova”

We-Vibe Pleasure Mates Collection

Some girls get roses for Valentine’s Day, and some get chocolates, but me? I get sex toys! I’d been whining on about wanting a second We-Vibe Tango, so that I always had one charged for when the one I was using inevitably died on me, and after getting a link from a good friend, the Fella bought me… The We-Vibe Pleasure Mates Collection!

WE-VIBE PLEASURE MATES 1 Continue reading “We-Vibe Pleasure Mates Collection”