Fun Factory Bootie Butt Plug Set

If there’s one thing that will always put a smile on my puggy little face, it’s getting an email to inform me that Fun Factory goodies are winging their way to me for review. So, yes, I did do a little dance when I read that I was getting to have a crack at the Fun Factory Bootie Butt Plug Set.

Both the Fella and I have butts that are accustomed to anal play. Experience wise, he likes his insertables to be around mid-sized, and I like ‘em big. In general, I like to know they’re there to the point where I kinda wish they weren’t. But, we both go through stages where we want the opposite of what we usually crave. And graduated sets like this one are fab to have on hand for that exact reason. Continue reading “Fun Factory Bootie Butt Plug Set”

Fun Factory Amorino Mini Vibrator

If anyone asked me what my favourite sex toy brand of all time is, I’d throw my arms out and yodel, “Fun Factory!”. I love getting packages delivered, but there’s an extra air of excitement about it when I know there’s something from that brand inside. I’m not ashamed to admit that, when the Fun Factory Amorino Mini Vibrator arrived, I did a little dance. But not for the reason you’d expect. The reason was, it’s the first product of theirs where I’ve looked at it and thought, what the fuck’s this about, then?

Yep, the Amorino isn’t your everyday mini rabbit. It’s got a little something extra, and I knew it had the potential to be either mind-warpingly good or completely and utterly shite. Continue reading “Fun Factory Amorino Mini Vibrator”

Fun Factory G5 Big Boss Black Line Vibrator

What’s better than a big fat Fun Factory dildo that fills you to bursting and provides some of the most amazing orgasms ever? A big fat Fun Factory vibrator that fills you to bursting and provides some of the most amazing orgasms ever – with a kick. Yep, the Fun Factory Boss Stub has a sassy sibling in the Fun Factory G5 Big Boss Black Line Vibrator, and it’s fucking spectacular.

FUN FACTORY G5 BIG BOSS BLACK LINE VIBRATOR 5 Continue reading “Fun Factory G5 Big Boss Black Line Vibrator”

Fun Factory Boss Stub

I’m sitting here in my little office (aka, under the blankets at the top of my bed cos the office in the spare room is freezing) and I’m having a little bit of internal dialogue with myself: Do I need to mention in the intro that I love dildos? I probably don’t, I’m sure I’ve said it a few times now. And do I need to mention that I love Fun Factory? Again, probably no, cos I’m sure I’ll have sang that from the highest hill at some stage, too. Right, I’ll just start this review by announcing that I’m gonna talk about the Fun Factory Boss Stub, and I won’t mention love even once.


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Fun Factory Tiger Dildo

When it comes to sex toys, 2016 has been a good year for me so far. Having a brand new blog has been a great excuse to buy way more stuff than is reasonable for one couple, and it’s also brought me some amazing things to review from some fantastic shops and manufacturers.

So much so, I decided it was time to re-evaluate my favourites, as having something like 28 dildos in my top 10 was just ridiculous. Even though a couple of new additions have ranked high on the list, surprisingly, some toys I came to own long before Scandarella was even a thought still made the grade, and have kept a firm hold on some of those top spots.

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