Love Links #17

Yay, it’s linky link time! I know, it’s been ages. Something like, two months *gasp*. My fellow bloggers have posted so much awesome stuff (nowt new there, they’re all ace) I could have spent all day adding links to this list. But there’s a plate of bbq and a pina colada with my name on em out in the garden, so I’m heading back out there to lurk in the shade of my apple tree and curse the ever loving fuck out of the sun. Seriously, this weather is starting to feel like attempted murder. As nice as it is to have an actual summery summer for a change, I need the universe to throw a good storm or two at me, cos if we don’t get some rain soon I’ll be bringing you the next link drop from beyond the grave.

On that note, I’m off. Enjoy the posts I’ve picked out for y’all and, erm, *raises sweaty cocktail glass* chin-chin! Continue reading “Love Links #17”

Love Links #16

Oh my gawd, I can barely believe that it’s been almost a month since I last did a good old link share. The past 4 weeks have been mostly awesome. I received an ETO award nomination (for Best Erotic Writer) for the second year in a row, so that put a dirty big smile on my face. If you’re an ETO subscriber and haven’t placed your votes for your fave businesses, products, and people yet you’ll need to do it soon, cos the clock’s a’ tickin’.

Also, at the beginning of this week, I turned 38. My birthday pressies range from the cutest unicorn cake to a coffin shaped curio shelf, and in between, there was awesome stuff like a blood red mug in the shape of a dragon’s head, a second-hand faux-book-bookcase for me to paint, and of course, chocs, booze, and pizza aplenty. Basically, all parts of my personality got something to squee over.

I can’t say I’m happy about how quickly I’m racing toward naughty forty, but a lovely conversation with the Fella inspired me to write a positive piece of erotica focused on the nature of sex within relationships that are also getting older. If you wanna, you can read that here, and if you’d like to read a story about a woman sneakily appreciating her ageing lover while he’s in the shower you can check that out here. If you’ve already read ’em, or just don’t fancy em, there’s plenty coming up (all of it erotica this week) to keep you busy 😀 Continue reading “Love Links #16”

Love Links #15

It’s the 15th edition of Love Links so I think now is probably a good time to offer a quick reminder as to what this linky lark is actually all about, cos the message seems to have been forgotten. Now, I know some folks will wonder if I’m about to have a dig at someone and who that someone might be. Well, I am. I’m having a dig at the for-profit businesses who have emailed me recently to tell me that they have some interesting posts (they don’t) that my readers will love (you won’t) and if I’d be so kind as to include them in my round-up (I’m not) they’d be ever so grateful. Continue reading “Love Links #15”

Love Links #14

It’s Easter Sunday! Happy chocolate scoffing if you eat it, happy egg rolling if you do it, and happy resurrecting if you’re Jesus. I’ve already munched my way through a box of 24 Ferrero Rocher, and I have my eye on the Fella’s Belgian chocolate egg now. I don’t know who’s gonna hate me more when I sneak-eat it; him, my dentist, or my doctor. It’ll probably be me, actually.

As well as Easter, it’s also April Fool’s Day, and I’m mad about it. To me, it’s nothing but an excuse for regular twats to be astoundingly massive twats and I hate the entire concept. There’s something about it that brings out the worst in pretty much anyone pre-disposed to being a cunt. Just having a snoop at some Facebook pages this afternoon gave me an eyeroll migraine when I spied folks saying they’d been subjected to some of the usual suspects: Continue reading “Love Links #14”

Love Links #13

It’s been far too long since I last showed the sex blogging community some link love. But I’ve finally taken the ring of roses off my front door and I can look at a computer screen for more than five minutes without feeling like my eyeballs are gonna liquidise, so I’m finally getting back into the swing of things.

I’ve written a bit of smut and a review or two, and I’ve also taken my first turn at doing the Wicked Wednesday round-up. Ugh, so fucking hard, man. The prompt was ‘Sad’ and rather than having my loins bombarded with wank inducing filth like I expected, I was faced instead with some intensely emotional posts. Each one was as good as the one before it. I could easily have done a top ten, but I settled on three excellent pieces by three excellent writers: Continue reading “Love Links #13”

Love Links #12

I’m a granny, folks! Well, kinda. Sorta. In a (very) remote way. See, Luna – one of my fur babies – had a baby of her very own this week so technically that makes me a kitty grandma. I had a crack at being a midwife, too. Luna pushed her back paws off my right palm and hid her face in my left while she squeezed out her babe, and I watched the whole thing unfold like a tiny, gross miracle.

Talk about obsessed! I’ve haunted that poor cat all week long, watching and waiting to see if she had any more bundles of worry waiting to join the world. For that reason, I’ve barely even looked at my laptop. Well, other than to google stuff like ‘should a new mum cat be shivering‘ or ‘newborn kitten can’t find a nipple’ and – my fave – ‘dopey cat keeps sitting on her baby‘.

So, this week, I can’t share any links to individual posts I’ve loved, cos I haven’t read much of anything. But what I can share is a bunch of links to some of my favourite blogs. This list isn’t exhaustive by any means. The sex blogging community is huge and filled with so much good stuff. But can’t list everything all in one go, so after you’ve had a click through all the links in my blogroll, check out the following sites. I’m not good at saying why I love what I love (says the gal who writes 2000+ word reviews, lol) but if a blog appears anywhere on Scandarella, know that my love for it is true ❤

Continue reading “Love Links #12”

Love Links #11

Oh my good Gordon, I cannot believe I missed Love Links last week. And I’m a shade annoyed with myself for posting this one a day late. So much for that New Year’s resolution, eh? They’re basically all fucked now, lol. But I do have a good reason for being late this week. Well, I have something like eleven reasons, actually. They are:

  • Horatio Slice
  • Gunner Wilkes
  • Snake Vinter
  • Sugar
  • Seven
  • Six
  • Stiles
  • Slash
  • Saki
  • Suki
  • Spinner

Yep, I had my nose buried in Oleander Plume’s sexy sci-fi romp, Horatio Slice: Guitar Slayer of the Universe, at every opportunity yesterday. A space pirate ship captained by a sack-sucking vampire, a rock star with the horn for a hot nerd, and a cast of androgynous dudes rockin’ lipgloss and hard cocks is enough to keep anyone’s fingers busy anyone entertained. It’s a damn good read so I’m off to sneak in another chapter while y’all take a look at the links I’ve laid out for you below. Have fun 😀

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Love Links #10

Holy shit, it’s nearly the middle of January. Do y’all know what that means? It means that in just a few days (on the 16th, to be precise) Scandarella will be celebrating its 2nd birthday. Eeek! I’m super excited to get my end of year post done and blogiversary giveaway launched…neither of which I’ve actually sorted yet.

But even so, I’ve taken a break from emailing and DMing and feverishly wondering what the hell I’ve left things so late for to have a cuppa and a read, and to share some awesome posts from the wonderful community I feel lucky to be a part of. Here are a bunch of links to stuff that has caught my attention this week. Enjoy!
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Love Links #9

Welcome to the first Love Links of 2018, peeps! Happy New Year, I wish you all the very best of everything.

After taking as near as dammit two weeks off over Christmas I’m finding that my fingers feel a bit rusty. I haven’t written much at all apart from a couple of reviews and a rather impotent bitch fit, but even so, I’ve still not managed to find the time to sit down and have a proper good read. It blows, really, cos not only do I feel like I must have missed a bunch of awesome blogger stuff, but I’ve also got a spanking new Kindle sat there and I’ve only read one book on it, and that was on Christmas Day (It was Adam Roberts’ ‘I Am Scrooge: A Zombie Story for Christmas’ if you were wondering).

I have to confess that, of the 12 New Year’s resolutions I made this year, only eight of them are still in play. Yeah, the ‘no more chocolate pretzels in bed’ one went out the window pretty sharpish, and ‘use toys you have to test before ones you’ve had for yonks’ didn’t stand an ice cube’s chance in hell either. But one I refuse to allow to fall by the wayside is ‘keep on top of Love Links’. I didn’t do any #SoSS posts over the holidays and that was just fucking lazy of me so I’m gonna make a gargantuan effort to remain involved. So here are a handful of links to keep you busy 😀 Continue reading “Love Links #9”

Love Links #8

I’m no longer knocking on death’s door but I’ve been a busy gal this week, people. I’ve been trying to get ahead on reviews so I can take Christmas week off, working on my end of year round-up, and trying to figure out what I want to do for my blogiversary next month, all while testing new toys, scalding myself with hot tea, fixing my broken down house and trying to keep up with the runaway train that is Christmas.

Busy, busy, busy.

All that busy is actually great, but it also means I haven’t had a chance to get online and read. Some posts have caught my eye though, and the ones that I’ve loved are right here in this post. There are less links than usual and there’ll probably be less next week and the week after, too, but everything will go back to normal in January. Continue reading “Love Links #8”