Teledildonics and the World of Digital Sex

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The future of sex is upon us and it’s digital.

Sex toys have come a long way from the boring dildos and fake vaginas that have been around for the last decade.  The digital age has caught up to sex and has given rise to the field of teledildonics.

If you don’t know, teledildonics are basically sex toys which are controlled remotely to deliver haptic sensations to the user.  We’re talking about dildos and fake vaginas, whose vibrations or actions are controlled by external inputs.  These inputs can come from another linked device, a compatible app, or an encoded video that the user is viewing.  They work over WiFi or Bluetooth and connect with Smartphones, tablets and computers.  Teledildonics are great for partners and for solo use, offering a great way to get the most out of a sexual encounter when physical contact isn’t possible. Continue reading “Teledildonics and the World of Digital Sex”

Sinful Pleasures Anthology Guest Post by Ellie Barker

Inspiration for Miss Blue Hair

By Ellie Barker

I think it started with a comment about book characters not talking during sex. Have you noticed that? No one really talks. Everyone moans or gasps or begs, but there isn’t much of that everyday chatter and conversation that tends to happen. I know that the talking isn’t the point of reading erotica – you want to get to the good bits, after all – but it does make it a little more fantastical. Continue reading “Sinful Pleasures Anthology Guest Post by Ellie Barker”

MysteryVibe Crescendo Follow Up Mini Review

I’m sure you can all remember the recent guest review the lovely Just Jess Reviews did of the MysteryVibe Crescendo, right here at Scandarella. She wasn’t impressed at all, not unlike many other reviewers out there. Right after that review went live, MysteryVibe told me that they’d been listening to the feedback they were receiving, and they offered Jess a chance to review the new improved Crescendo. Well, this is her mini review! Did MysteryVibe really make improvements, or did they just do a few ineffectual tweaks? Check out what Jess has to say to find out!

I was super excited when MysteryVibe reached out after reading my guest review on Scandarella. My wish had come true, they had listened to bloggers’ and reviewers’ feedback and created the Crescendo 2.0 – New motors! Continue reading “MysteryVibe Crescendo Follow Up Mini Review”

MysteryVibe Crescendo Guest Review by Just Jess Reviews

Just Jess Reviews is a well-known name in the sex toy reviewing community. She’s written plenty of reviews for Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel and under Lovehoney’s tester scheme, and now here’s her first guest post for me. I struggled with the MysteryVibe Crescendo, or rather my dinosaur of a mobile phone did. I couldn’t download the app, therefore couldn’t give the Crescendo a thorough enough review, so reached out to Jess for a toy exchange and a review. She was totally up for it and, after giving it a good testing, here are her thoughts on the Crescendo…

I was so excited when Ella asked if I’d like to write a guest review of the MysteryVibe Crescendo for Scanderella. Thank you so much Ella and MysteryVibe. Continue reading “MysteryVibe Crescendo Guest Review by Just Jess Reviews”

MEO Essentials Guest Review by Just A Monkey Reviews

I’m super delighted to be publishing this guest review from new reviewer, Just A Monkey Reviews. It’s his first time dipping his toes into the waters of the sexy reviewing world, so if you like his style (and his fucking amazing photos) give him a follow on Twitter. Check out what he thought of some picks from MEO’s massive range of lubes and sprays…

I was asked by Scandarella if I would write a guest review of some MEO Lubricants, and jumped at the chance to kick-start my reviewing career. Continue reading “MEO Essentials Guest Review by Just A Monkey Reviews”

MEO Cock Candy Oral Sex Gels

Welcome to Scandarella’s first guest review! As I’ve reviewed a few flavours for another site, the lovely Tina ‘n’ Keith (there are no links back to them cos they wanted to remain anon) agreed to put these MEO Cock Candy Oral Sex Gels through their paces for me. They were a hit with me and my Fella, but did they tickle the fancy of the discerning Tina and hers? Read on to find out…

I have never really thought about whether I enjoy the taste of my boyfriend. The feel (heaviness on my tongue) and smell (washing powder) were my primary concerns, taste was irrelevant as the first two were so perfect.  Similarly, my partner has never had anything but positive things to say about my pussy (I mean, I don’t want to brag but he’s said it’s the best he’s ever tasted more than once… Anyway, I digress.)

Continue reading “MEO Cock Candy Oral Sex Gels”

2017 Bucket List for Sex Toy Newbies

Ten Things to Put on Your 2017 Bucket List if You’re New to Sex Toys

Written by Melissa Macfarlane

At the beginning of every year, we always try to become a better version of ourselves, whether it’s joining a gym, starting a diet or even just organising ourselves better. However, what about trying something a little different for 2017?

What I propose, is instead of a New Year’s resolution in 2017, how about starting a sex toy revolution. Instead of improving our already pretty great selves, I’m inviting sex toy beginners to spend 2017 embarking upon a brand new sex toy journey.

Here are ten things for sex toy beginners to put on their 2017 bucket list.

Continue reading “2017 Bucket List for Sex Toy Newbies”