O-Wand Easter Giveaway


Happy Easter! I don’t care if it’s the resurrection of the Lord that’s put that cheeky smile on your lips, or if it’s because the birds are singing and the daffs are in bloom, or even if it’s there purely cos you love choccie eggs and fluffy bunnies almost as much as you love sex toys. All I care about is that you’re happy, and I think I have a little something something that can help with that… Continue reading “O-Wand Easter Giveaway”

Scandarella’s 1st Blogiversary Giveaway


It’s Scandarella’s 1st birthday! The past year has been a helluva ride, and if you read my End of Year Round-Up you’ll have an idea of some of the things that have gone down. That post was all about me, but this post is all about you, lovely readers.

As a big thank you for sticking with me, and a big welcome to those who are just finding the blog, I’ve teamed up with some fabulous companies to give you the opportunity to discover some of the best products I’ve been lucky enough to review in the past twelve months. I have seven awesome prizes, so there will be seven lucky winners. Continue reading “Scandarella’s 1st Blogiversary Giveaway”

Scandarella’s Kinkmas Box Giveaway


Once again we come to that time of year. The time when our cheeks become rosy after imbibing a martini glass or twelve of Christmas spirit, when our bellies grow just a wee bit bigger to accommodate a Yorkshire pudding tin’s worth of brandy mince pies, and when our bank accounts are bled dry by our insatiable lust for giving.

Continue reading “Scandarella’s Kinkmas Box Giveaway”