A Blast from the Past

I couldn’t stop staring at the guy who stood by the clearance records at the front of the store, trying to figure out if I knew him. I hadn’t caught sight of his face yet, but something in the way he cocked his head while he walked had caught my attention. The way he shifted from foot to foot, not even in time with the music crackling from the old jukebox in the corner… it was so familiar!

The two girls who had been giggling in the corner for the past half hour gave me one final look of longing before exiting with a sigh. I didn’t say, see you tomorrow, like I usually did when they left. I was too busy wondering if that guy really was… Continue reading “A Blast from the Past”

Bath House

Bath House

I’d had plans for my eighteenth birthday. Big plans. The first of them – travel to a country I’d never been to before – had been executed with military precision. My sky diving trip was booked well in advance, as was the water skiing one, and the scuba diving one, too.

The only thing that hadn’t been planned six months in advance was my travelling companions. As much as I valued my friends, I hadn’t wanted them to come with me. I’d wanted to do this alone, to see something of the world through my eyes and my eyes only. To have my thoughts and opinions uninfluenced by someone else’s reactions or behaviours. Continue reading “Bath House”

Just Friends


I’m staring at the woman with the squalling baby, daring her to sit beside me on the bus again. She’s done it every damned day this week, and we’ve been the only two people on the fucking bus. Every. Damned. Time. I’ve even had the driver ask me if I could do something to shut the kid up, and it isn’t even mine, nor is its mother. I do try, but I fail. Maybe that’s why she sits beside me. Maybe watching someone else fail reassures her that it isn’t just her the kid wails for. Continue reading “Just Friends”