Something New

“I bumped into Louise today.”

My fingers stilled in the act of shifting the cursor across my computer screen. I stared at Dane’s reflection in the mirror by the door, making an effort to keep my expression neutral. Within ten seconds of him making that announcement, my mind had run through every possible outcome from such a meeting. Not many of them were good. Continue reading “Something New”

Bound & Gagged

Mascara stung my eyes. Salty, chemical spiked tears tripped over my tongue. I curled my knees to my chest, hearing tape creak as it rubbed against itself and found more places to stick together, ensuring that with each and every wriggle, escape became less likely. All I could do now was make myself small as I could in the hopes that, when we finally stopped, they’d forget I was here. Continue reading “Bound & Gagged”

Under the Sea

Lydia Parsons is the love of my life. I adore her. I breathe for her. Every single moment of my life is taken up by thoughts that are dominated by her face and her voice. She asks every day what it is that makes me love her so completely, but it’s impossible to give her a definitive answer.

So I tell her something different every time. One day I told her it was the scent of honey shower gel on her skin. The next I told her it was the way her morning hair made her look like she’d used dynamite as curlers. Last time she asked me? I’d pulled her knickers down, right in the middle of our back garden, and told her I loved her because her ass is a peach and her pussy delivers the cream. Then I’d buried my face in her soft pubic hair and licked that delicious pussy until it came in my mouth. Continue reading “Under the Sea”

A Sunny Spring Morning

I opened my eyes haltingly, easing myself into the new day slowly, gently. A soft breeze came in through the open balcony doors, making the voile curtains sway back and forth as if they were breathing. I’d woken to a bright morning. The sun tinted the bland white walls of the room the palest shade of peach, and the shaft of light that fell over my bare shoulders was delightfully warm. Continue reading “A Sunny Spring Morning”

You Can Keep Your Jeans On

The bubbles were gone from my glass of champagne. I’d sat nursing it for almost an hour, listening to my husband chatting and guffawing with the men from the firm. They’d talked business, golf, cars and yachts, and then business again. Eleanor’s husband had ensured she had a fresh drink at hand all evening, and Zara’s was constantly asking if she was hungry. He even got up to dance with her at one point.

But Walter? He hadn’t looked at me once since he’d sat down, and the drink I was now glaring at I’d had to go and get myself.

I placed my glass back on the table and turned my head, considering my husband quietly. My Walter had always been a handsome man when he smiled. Sharp jaw, straight nose, bright eyes… and that smile. It had been enough to make me swoon once upon a time. Continue reading “You Can Keep Your Jeans On”

A Blast from the Past

I couldn’t stop staring at the guy who stood by the clearance records at the front of the store, trying to figure out if I knew him. I hadn’t caught sight of his face yet, but something in the way he cocked his head while he walked had caught my attention. The way he shifted from foot to foot, not even in time with the music crackling from the old jukebox in the corner… it was so familiar!

The two girls who had been giggling in the corner for the past half hour gave me one final look of longing before exiting with a sigh. I didn’t say, see you tomorrow, like I usually did when they left. I was too busy wondering if that guy really was… Continue reading “A Blast from the Past”

What Bad Girls Do Best

Image used with permission of Molly’s Daily Kiss

He’s at it again. The guy next door. Every Friday it’s someone new. Two weeks ago it was the purple haired geek who serves popcorn and hotdogs at the cinema. Last week it was a bronzed, toned metalhead from the local gym.

Gods, the noise they’d made! Never had a one night stand sounded so much like a pissing contest. They’d vied for power, for volume, for dominance. Just when one seemed to have accepted that they were there to bottom for the other there’d been a series of crashes and yells, swiftly followed by the one who was no longer in command groaning and begging for reprieve. He’d taken the upper hand in the end, though, naturally. Continue reading “What Bad Girls Do Best”

Destroying Beauty

I finished whispering to the woman by the wall then sat down in the chair that faced her.

She looked over her shoulder at me. Winked. Cocked her hip, parted her legs and bent over, dragging her stilettoed nails from her ankles to her ass. Clicking, snagging and tearing caught my ears. I watched ladders appear in black nylon, red lines appearing on her skin, looking almost bloody under the red lighting in the seedy room we were holed up in. Continue reading “Destroying Beauty”

The Matinee

Pulling up a chair at my usual table in the corner of the café next door to my office block, I scanned the lunch time crowd. Suit jackets, white shirts, the odd pea coat and a few jumpers layered with multi-hued scarves… My next breath was a tentative one. I couldn’t see my boss, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t here somewhere. If he showed up and asked to share my table again I’d scream. Continue reading “The Matinee”