Nomi Tang Getaway Plus

Until recently, my experience with Nomi Tang products had been limited to the quietly fabulous Infiniti Dual Stimulator. Even though it’s one of those toys that needs a heap of manipulation to hit both intended spots at once, revisiting that odd shaped vibe a couple of months ago rekindled my lust for it, and I was soon checking out the other products the brand had to offer.

Anyone who’s been with me since Scandarella’s launch will know that one of my favourite g-spotting toys of all time is the LELO Ella. I’m not usually one for comparing brands in reviews, and I’m not gonna do a whole lot of comparing here either, cos the Ella is a dildo and the product I’m reviewing is a vibrator, so comparison would be silly. I mention it only to give you an idea of how high my expectations were when I was offered the opportunity to review the Nomi Tang Getaway Plus.


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Halloween Town Tales No 5 – The Perfect Spell


Halloween 2016

Quieting my giggles as my friends and I got closer Richard Sweets’ front gate was hard work, but I managed it. I knew he was watching me. He always did when I came home from work. I felt his resentful eyes on me every time, accusing me, hating me for falling out of love with him, even though he was never around long enough for me to remain in love with him.

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Adrien Lastic Mr Hook

Say hello to the Adrien Lastic Mr Hook, peeps.


This is the third product since Scandarella launched that I’ve struggled to review, and interestingly enough, one of the others was an Adrien Lastic product too. The 2X Double Ended Vibrator gave me pause for all the right reasons, but unfortunately I can’t say the same about the Mr Hook.

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Halloween Town Tales No 4 – Bloody Maria

*CONTENT WARNING – scroll to the bottom
of the page for details*

Halloween 2016

Sinking a shot of rum, I glared out of my bedroom window, watching three women giggle their way along Crow Street. I knew them all, in different capacities. The blonde girl had been in my class at school, the black haired one I had worked with, and the brunette… I’d been married to her.

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Blush Novelties Nude Impressions 04

Nothing excites me more than the sound of a delivery driver knocking at my door, because I know that there’s a 95% chance that they’ll be bringing me something wonderful that I can have sex with. Other times it’s a bunch of metal CD’s the Fella’s bought online, or the new capacitor he needs to fix our tumble dryer. But one of my happy deliveries in September contained the Nude Impressions 04 from Blush Novelties, and I wasted no time in getting to grips with it.


The Nude Impressions 04 isn’t my first vibrator from this line. I received the 03 for review recently, and loved it, so if you want to check that out, you can do so here.

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Fifty Shades Darker Desire Explodes

It’s that time again. The time for the sex toy market to be pelted with all things Christian Grey in the lead up to the release of the second movie in the kinky sex saga: Fifty Shades Darker. Though I was a late comer to the books, I’ve never considered myself a true fan of Grey and his issues – or Ana and hers for that matter – and I gave up watching the first movie not fifteen minutes in, but what I am a HUGE fan of, is the related sex toys that are designed and produced by Lovehoney, and this Fifty Shades Darker Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibrator is no exception.


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Tantus Adam 02

If you’re a regular Scandarella reader you’re probably aware that, in my opinion, Tantus is one of the best sex toy companies in the world. From the bittiest butt plug to the bulkiest dildo, they have something for everyone, and every single one of their products is made from 100% body safe materials.


In my last review package, along with the most stunning strap-on harness ever made, was the Adam 02 Dildo. Tantus 02 dildos are all dual density. They have a flexible core of firm silicone, and an outer skin of soft, yielding silicone. The aim is to create a realistic feel dildo that has all the tensile, spongy qualities of a real penis, while still being firm enough to facilitate easy penetration no matter who is using it, and no matter which orifice they choose to use it in.

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Jopen Opal Dual Massager

When I first spotted the Jopen Opal on Twitter, my eyes were instantly on stalks. I pretty much rubbed them all over the gorgeous image on my laptop screen and had my first eyegasm. It was just so lovely to look at I wanted it on sight, and when the fabulous Carolyn from Betty’s Toy Box asked me if I was up for reviewing it, I think I whooped so hard she heard me across continents.


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Halloween Town Tales No 3 – Body Swap


Halloween 2016

Chloe was staring at me again. Staring, and probably scowling, if I knew her, and know her I did. I didn’t even need to look at her to know that her eyes would be dark and demonic, that her arms would be folded over her glorious chest, and that her lips would be pursed so tightly the lower half of her face could pass for an asshole.

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