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A Wank and a Spank

The S Word

At My Feet

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Boarding School Survivor


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Ode to the 69

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Achingly Beautiful

She was a flame, divine
My pathic call of duty, irrefutable
Her eyes they paralyzed me, froze the flow of time
A glimpse so achingly beautiful
Verse from Achingly Beautiful from the album “Cryptorania” by Cradle of Filth

I’ve seen and done a lot in my short life. More than most people will see and do in a lifetime. But none of the happiness or sadness, joy, pain, or suffering I’ve experienced could have prepared me for this moment.

When I’d received the featherlight touch of her fingers – sheathed in black lace – on my shoulder… choosing me… I’d thought I was ready. But now, here, in the muted light of her candlelit crypt, I understand the enormity of my own arrogance.

I am not ready for Libertina.

But she is ready for me. Continue reading “Achingly Beautiful”

Blush Novelties Real Nude Ergo Mini

After I reviewed the Real Nude Suko by Blush Novelties way back when Scandarella was in its infancy, I vowed that I’d try another piece from the line someday. At the time, I hadn’t experienced anything quite as squishy or real feeling. Even now, with a bunch of super realistic Vixskin in my collection, I still have a soft spot for my Suko. That’s why, when Too Timid offered me the chance to review the Real Nude Ergo Mini, I couldn’t say no.

Real Nude is Blush Novelties’ dual density silicone line. Lovely, semi-realistic dildos with a firm core and a soft, pliable outer layer. The way the squishy stuff yields when squeezed, just for the hand (or orifice of your choice, of course) to meet the resistance of the inner core really does feel like squeezing an actual penis. Well, in my opinion, it does. It really does feel like skin being pressed into erectile tissue to me. Continue reading “Blush Novelties Real Nude Ergo Mini”

Sliquid Sassy Water-Based Lubricant

Welcome to my favourite lube! I cannot believe that I haven’t written a stand-alone review of this stuff yet. I mean, it is the best I’ve ever tried. Like, ever. I’ve tried so many lubes but time and again I keep coming back to Sliquid Sassy.

Why? Because it’s basically the one lube to rule them all. Yeah, it’s great to have silicone lube for playing in the bath, oily lube for hand-jobs, flavoured lube for blowjobs… but it’s always a good idea to have a do-it-all water-based lube in the bedside drawer, too. That way, you’re always prepared for spontaneous sex and gotta do it now masturbation.

Sliquid Sassy is that lube for me. There’s a 60ml bottle in my handbag, and in the Fella’s glovebox. There’s a 125ml bottle in his bedside drawer, and a 255ml one in mine. When one ends up empty it’s replaced by another of the same size.

The reason I love it so much is that it lends itself to every type of play. It’s a lovely thick gel which loosens up a little once warmed so provides good cushioning for anal. And for using large toys vaginally. It’s colourless, odourless and flavourless so is great for oral. Well, oral that’s performed on me, that is. I prefer to use flavoured lubes when I give BJs cos the taste of cum makes me wanna hurl. Continue reading “Sliquid Sassy Water-Based Lubricant”

How to Have Better Orgasms

A Masturbation Sex Story

by Danielle Denzel

When I was in my early 20’s, hormones were raging and I developed strong attractions for good-looking men. It was the time when sexual curiosities arise. After a decade of watching music videos with scantily clad dancers erotically writhing against each other and listening to blatant lyrics about sex, I thought sex HAD to be the best thing in the world. I had very high expectations for my first sexual encounter. I chose my first mate and prepared myself for what was to be the greatest most memorable moment of my life.. or maybe not. Continue reading “How to Have Better Orgasms”

Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit

Even though reviewing sex toys has been a huge part of my life for some time now, I still get shaky with excitement when something new comes my way. Especially if that something new is a new concept, or if it builds on something I already know I love. That’s how it was with the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit.

Many folks are happy with the orgasms their air pulse technology toys alone offer, but I’m always wanting more. One of my favourite ways to use my Satisfyers and Womanizers is to combine them with insertable toys. I’ve long used dildos with them – both vaginally and anally – but have recently changed to using vibrators for maximum stimulation. The orgasms I get from combos can be knock-me-out powerful, but there’s always one thing I dislike about doubling up; the effort. Continue reading “Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit”

So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators. Some people love them, some people hate them. I’m one of those people who loves the idea of them but often finds that they lack…something. It could be the most powerful rabbit on earth, but the external arm is too short. It could fit me like a glove, but the vibes are subpar, or the shaft is too intense for me to feel anything going on around my clit. But I keep trying cos I know that the perfect rabbit is out there just waiting for me to find it. One of the most recent ones to land at Scandarella House for testing is the So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator.

I like So Divine. Their products are so simple, but I’ve not had one that I didn’t really enjoy using. Butt plugs with interchangeable gems, vibes with removeable sleeves, a double-ended wand…they have something to stimulate most areas of the body. Continue reading “So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator”

NS Novelties Unicorn Tails Butt Plug

If you’re a regular visitor to Scandarella, you may remember the review I wrote a while back for a Crystal Delights Pony Plug. A tiny butt plug with a gorgeous, flowing multi-coloured tail. I got a bunch of messages about that piece, and while most of the folks who got in touch loved it, almost all of them said the price point was too high. And a good few of them said the plug was far too small. So, I looked for an alternative that’s inexpensive, good quality, and just as lovely as the pricey one, and I think I’ve found it. It’s the NS Novelties Unicorn Tails Butt Plug.

It’s obvious from the photos that this isn’t a like for like toy. Unlike the Crystal Delights offering, this plug is made of silicone. Super smooth, seamless, jet black silicone. It’s the kind of stuff that doesn’t need a lot of lube to get its slick on. Just a thin coating is enough to make insertion nice and comfy. Continue reading “NS Novelties Unicorn Tails Butt Plug”

I Should Go

I really should be getting ready for work. My train is due in less than an hour. But I’m too comfortable, lying here in Miles’ bed, wearing nothing but a dirty shirt and an even dirtier smile. I feel languid. Fucked so well the very marrow of my bones has transformed into a substance heavier than lead and I can’t bring myself to move.

It doesn’t help that Hillary is standing by the dresser, either. She has a brush in her hand and is busy raking it through her honey blonde hair. The repetitive strokes give a gentle movement to her breasts. I watch them lift and sway, notice her shiver when the bristles of the brush sweep over her dark brown nipple. It tightens, wrinkles to a perfect peak. She tilts her head and, just before her hair swishes down to hide her face, I see her smiling. Continue reading “I Should Go”

Zumio Clitoral Stimulator

Whenever I spot a sex toy and think, what the fuck is this then, it’s usually not a positive thing. Nine times out of ten, it’s cos I’ve stumbled across something questionable, like a stroker with teeth or a PVC dildo with a wiry scrag of synthetic pubic fuzz creeping up its shaft. But when that thought occurred to me on first seeing the Zumio there was nothing negative about it. Quite the opposite, in fact.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it for one specific reason; it promised to deliver intense clitoral stimulation with killer precision. Over the last few years I’ve learned to appreciate what all kinds of stim can do for me, but I find myself going back to pinpoint time and time again. Continue reading “Zumio Clitoral Stimulator”