i-Scream by Shiri Zinn

If you’re here in the UK, you may have noticed that there’s a heat wave going on. Personally, I think every degree of it over 15 needs to bike it back to Hades where it belongs. I do not like hot days. I’m an autumn girl at heart, but I do like some things about summer. Splashing in paddling pools, the chinking of beer glasses, the cheery tinkle of the ice cream man coming to rob me blind. And if there was ever a sex toy that encapsulated all that is summer for me, it would be the i-Scream by Shiri Zinn.

Before I say anything else, I’m gonna tell you something awesome about Shiri Zinn; for each i-Scream sold, she donates a portion of the profits to a charity for adolescent girls in Africa. As far as I’m aware (and please do correct me in the comments if I’m wrong) no other manufacturer/retailer in the sex toys industry does this. See. Awesome. Continue reading “i-Scream by Shiri Zinn”

The Price of Defiance

She was watching me. Standing in the corner of the room, crop in hand, her eyes were fixed on me. I tried not to wince when she slapped the leather tip off the bare plaster wall behind her, but I failed. I cringed so hard the weight-lifting bench I was strapped to scraped over the floor, just a little, and her resulting snigger, though soft, seemed so loud to me. Continue reading “The Price of Defiance”

GODEMICHE Hercules Dildo

GODEMICHE. You’ve likely heard lots of good stuff about them by now. If not, which rock have you been under? They’re UK based hand-poured dildo makers. A company known for bright, bold colours and multi-hued mixes that are more psychedelic than the 70s. A company ran by the sweetest lady and the most hyper guy you’ll ever meet. They’re also known for having just a few (superb) designs on offer; their Adam and Ambit dildos, and their plugs and pegs. I’ve said in a past review that I’d be watching with keen interest to see what future designs they came up with. I knew it would be something special, and I was right. The Ambit is a hit. Now, I’m gonna tell you all about their latest release; the GODEMICHE Hercules.

GODEMICHE Hercules Dildo Full Side View

I was so excited to be given a chance to review this uncut hero. It was sent to me by the awesome Vikki at Uberkinky, a company who currently have exclusivity on it. Deliveries come so fast from Uberkinky, and I had my Hercules in my hands the day after the review agreement was made. Continue reading “GODEMICHE Hercules Dildo”

MysteryVibe Crescendo Guest Review by Just Jess Reviews

Just Jess Reviews is a well-known name in the sex toy reviewing community. She’s written plenty of reviews for Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel and under Lovehoney’s tester scheme, and now here’s her first guest post for me. I struggled with the MysteryVibe Crescendo, or rather my dinosaur of a mobile phone did. I couldn’t download the app, therefore couldn’t give the Crescendo a thorough enough review, so reached out to Jess for a toy exchange and a review. She was totally up for it and, after giving it a good testing, here are her thoughts on the Crescendo…

I was so excited when Ella asked if I’d like to write a guest review of the MysteryVibe Crescendo for Scanderella. Thank you so much Ella and MysteryVibe. Continue reading “MysteryVibe Crescendo Guest Review by Just Jess Reviews”

Womanizer 2 Go

After trying four of their models, you’d think I’d be at the eye rolling stage every time Epi24 released a new model of their super popular Womanizer. But that’s not the case at all. I get excited and eager to discover what changes have been made with each new iteration. And the thought of having a travel Womanizer made me all the keener to get my paws on the Womanizer 2 Go.

So, what’s different about this model? Continue reading “Womanizer 2 Go”

GVibe Mini by FT London

Since my introduction to the world of FT London toys at the start of this year, I’ve grown increasingly fond of the brand. Lovely materials in lovely colours are the name of the day, and the vibes on offer are none too shabby. The most recent addition to my collection of super funky things is the GVibe Mini. Let me tell you all about it.

Presented in FT London’s familiar, tubular packaging, the GVibe Mini is a wee gem of a vibrator. It’s a compact version of the awesome GVibe 2, with its double pronged design and unisex, dual stimulation potential. Continue reading “GVibe Mini by FT London”

Bad Dragon Tentacle Silicone Dildo

You may or not know this, but when I first launched Scandarella I had a list. It was a short list, and on it was six items; three dildos and three vibrators. They were the sex toys of my dreams, the cream of products I wanted to try then review for my blog. And the holy grail on that list was the Bad Dragon Tentacle.

Oh my God, I fucking wanted it. Every time I looked at it -which was often – I’d imagine how amazing it would be to have it and to use it. But living in the UK meant that I’d have steep postage costs (not to mention shitty customs charges) to contend with on top of the price of the dildo itself. It was looking like my dreams of silicone tentacle sex would remain in my head, until Bad Dragon sad I could review one! Continue reading “Bad Dragon Tentacle Silicone Dildo”

Something New

“I bumped into Louise today.”

My fingers stilled in the act of shifting the cursor across my computer screen. I stared at Dane’s reflection in the mirror by the door, making an effort to keep my expression neutral. Within ten seconds of him making that announcement, my mind had run through every possible outcome from such a meeting. Not many of them were good. Continue reading “Something New”

Elust 95

Elust 95 Header
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Size Matters

Driven to Distraction

Under the Sea

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My London Bridge

A Kind Touch

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Organised Orgasms

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All blogs that have a submission in this edition must re-post this digest from tip-to-toe on their blogs within 7 days. Re-posting the photo is optional and the use of the “read more…” tag is allowable after this point. Thank you, and enjoy! Continue reading “Elust 95”

Bound & Gagged

Mascara stung my eyes. Salty, chemical spiked tears tripped over my tongue. I curled my knees to my chest, hearing tape creak as it rubbed against itself and found more places to stick together, ensuring that with each and every wriggle, escape became less likely. All I could do now was make myself small as I could in the hopes that, when we finally stopped, they’d forget I was here. Continue reading “Bound & Gagged”