SelfDelve Aubergine Dildo

When I was given the opportunity to choose a dildo to review from SelfDelve, my automatic response was to opt for the corn on the cob from their Garden of Eden range. I love textures for a start, and the Fella and I have an anecdote from our earliest days of living together that involves a lady finger vibrator with a painted rubbery sleeve, a neighbour, and a stopcock grate, but that’s a tale for another time. But I saw that other bloggers had the corn on the cob in hand and ready to review, so I let myself get caught up in the emoji craze and picked the Aubergine dildo in the end.


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Kink Craft Mini Flogger Kit

I’m a woman who is exclusively attracted to men. There isn’t any one thing about them that grabs my attention though. Sometimes it’s a cocky grin that captures my interest, other times it’s the shape of a guy’s shoulders, or the set of his jaw, or the way he walks or talks. But there’s always been two things that have mesmerised me about every man I’ve ever been attracted to:

  1. the way their back muscles move when they take on physically demanding tasks
  2. the way their usually large hands and fingers take to delicate tasks with such grace

That should give you an indication of where my mind ended up when watching the Fella – the man who has all of the things I mentioned above (and more) in such huge amounts I saw fit to marry him – sitting cross legged on our bed with my craft mat on his knees while he got stuck in to our Kink Craft Mini Flogger Kit.


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BS Atelier Alex ‘Light Grey Noise’ Dildo

Okay, I know you’ll probably think, well I’ve heard that before, when I tell you that I’ve wanted to try a BS Atelier dildo for an absolute age of men. You’re probably thinking, is there anything that hasn’t been on her lust list since God was at school, and the answer to that is, not many things, no, and I don’t blush when I say it.


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Tantus Black Widow Connoisseur Harness

Pegging. What a whole load of fun that business is. But even so, I will confess to having been afraid of it not a million months ago, because it made me do things that didn’t really sit right with me. It put me in a dominant position over the Fella, for a start, which is almost enough to ruin any play session for me, but that wasn’t the worst of it.

It took me a while to figure out what the unknown issue that kept making me lose my stride was, but with a little help from a friend, I finally did. My issue? Pegging the Fella made me feel hyper masculine. Because I’m a PCOS sufferer, I have a very awkward relationship with my femininity as it is, so running around the place with a silicone dildo poking out from between my legs, pinning the Fella to the bed, and being on the giving end of some pretty violent thrusting was making me subconsciously believe that I was doing the ‘mans’ work.

Black Widow

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Sh! Leather Wrist Restraint Cuffs

Before I tell you about my beautiful Sh! Leather Wrist Restraint Cuffs, I have a confession to make: despite my love for bondage, I really dislike being restrained. If the Fella catches me lying down – or if the evil bastard wants to tickle me – he pins my arms to my sides and holds my legs together with his knees, panic sets in and I literally scream until I cry.

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Being unable to move, or defend myself, or run wakes the survival instinct in me, making me desperate to escape and get away, even though I’m perfectly aware that I’m in no danger whatsoever. I hate feeling helpless and vulnerable so, needless to say, he doesn’t do it very often.

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Zado Leather & Metal Whip

If you’ve read my top suggestions for beginner’s bondage products, you’ll know that I have a basic scale for impact toys that works well for me: floggers, crops, then paddles, and moving on from beginner into more experienced territory, I’d add whips and canes too.


I’ve always found floggers to be pretty mild impact equipment, so you can probably imagine how slack jawed I was when the Zado Leather Whip (which is a flogger in my eyes) turned my opinions firmly on their heads.

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HUM Artificially Intelligent Vibrator

Hey Joe, what do ya know?”  “Hey Jane, how’s the game?”

Those two sentences come to mind every time I lay my hands on this particular product, and for very good reason. Yes, my friends, the world’s first artificially intelligent (A.I) sex toy has hit the mainstream market.

What’s that over there, Jane?
Oh Joe, don’t you know? It’s our predecessor, the HUM!

No, unfortunately it isn’t in the shape of a plastic fantastic Jude Law or Ashley Scott, a ’la Gigolo Joe and Gigolo Jane, but rather in the shape of an equally gorgeous looking vibrator.

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Vixen Outlaw Dildo

I’ve been looking forward to writing this Vixen Creations Outlaw Silicone Dildo review so much, people. SO MUCH! But first, I have a question for you. Do you know what a wonderful creation Vixskin is? It feels so much like real flesh, I can’t think of a better material to make a realistic dildo with.


I’d heard so many people commenting about how real if felt, I harped on and on about trying one until, finally, the Fella caved and bought me a tie-dyed Vixen Mustang for my birthday earlier this year.

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